This is for my Delta Gammas

When I look back on my college life and remember the good times (and yes, I realize it wasn't more than a couple of months ago), I notice that many of these good times happened while I was at a Delta Gamma event. Delta Gamma was such a positive experience for me in college, and I am sure that without it, my undergraduate career would have been completely different and probably not as exciting. There is so much to being a DG that goes beyond what other non-DG's can see; Delta Gamma is so much more than social events, chapter meetings, and available lunch dates. Thanks to Delta Gamma, I made many of my closest friends and was given many opportunities in my campus community and beyond that I can't even attempt to explain on this blog. Joining DG not only brought me closer to the people in my own house, but also provided opportunities to interact and make friendships with others within the Greek community. For that, I will be forever thankful.

My love for anchors started before I joined Delta Gamma (oh hey Alpha Rho!). In fact, I used to love watching the older DG's walking around campus sport their cute anchor t-shirts and pink and blue everything, even though I probably used to hate on them with my other non-Greek friends. When I finally pledged Delta Gamma, my love for anchors quickly developed into an obsession, and I found my dorm room changing from mostly purple (my favorite color), to mainly pink and blue everything. I think this happens to most college DG's, and for some (like me) even continues on past undergraduate life. I find myself gravitating toward anything with anchors on it, and have even recently purchased a pair of hot pink and blue running shoes (it was a totally subconscious decision, although when I wear them I get a lot of "you got those because they're DG colors, didn't you?"). I can even remember the day I sat by my computer, with my DG roommates, anxiously awaiting the announcement that Delta Gamma would get a Lilly Pulitzer print. This was probably my "most sorority moment" in all my time at school. Oh well, I'm not embarrassed!

Thus, I bring you my current anchor/pink-and-blue obsessions. Enjoy!

Anchors Away

Lilly Pulitzer cotton skirt
$59 - saksfifthavenue.com

Lilly Pulitzer tote handbag
$148 - lillypulitzer.com

Cuff bangle
$775 - tiffany.com

Zoe Morgan silver jewelry
$239 - superette.co.nz

H m bathing suit

Zena anchor jewelry

Lilly Pulitzer Anchor Sandals


  1. Love you! And totally agree with everything you said about DG


  2. litb! you're a gem.