garage sale planning

So, this weekend was super fun-filled (lots of hospital visits, working, and nothing that's actually any fun). I have been thinking about the wonder that is going to happen next weekend. I am planning my first garage sale --well, the first one that I, myself, have orchestrated. I don't know why I am insisting on this so bad, considering I will be in Chicago Tuesday-Thursday, but I am. I painted some signs last night that I am going to be using, and am trying to organize all the shit from the basement, my room, etc. etc.. My parents should probably pay me just for digging through that crap!  I put some of the clothing in the living room, on one of those metal racks from The Container Store. That's when I realized that I literally must have had five years of wearing nothing but four clothing stores --> Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle and Limited Too. Seriously, I have over 20 something pairs of pants from these four stores that have just been sitting in the basement. WASTE. OF. SPACE. Some of the clothing, however, I wish I could still fit in because they have already come back in style (such as skinny capri pants). I am trying to get the rest of my family motivated enough to get their shit together, but so far it's been unsuccessful. Oh well, more money for me!

I am also planning on doing a small amount of baking on Friday in order to see if we can sell some cupcakes, and whatever doesn't sell I guess I can "take care of". 

I have also been googling garage sales online to see cute ways to set them up, since I have so much time to do that. Ha! 

This one is definitely the cutest: 

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