haven't written in a while

So since I am thinking about it I decided to do it.

Actually, right now I am procrastinating writing my paper on Socrates. F.

School has started and I can't imagine and accept that I am finally a senior. It just doesn't seem right to be here without all the seniors from last year. I am playing golf, which is fun and interesting, but definitely challenging. I am not very good, granted that I have never played before. However, today I went out and played nine holes and got two boogey's so I guess that's ok, right? I don't even know. We learn rules on Saturday morning, so that will probably help me out a lot in just generally understanding the game. Then we are having team lunch and a movie--- yay team bonding! Tonight I had student judicial training followed by dinner with my little. After both of those things I had to go to the All-Athlete meeting in Grey Chapel. I think Dad is getting better at his public speaking and speaking in front of groups. So... props!

My classes are fun, but they are definitely a lot of reading. In my spanish class we have about a million pages a night of novels to read. Man!

Well I should stop procrastinating. More to come later...


prop 8 overturned and the arizona issue frozen

So maybe there is hope afterall?

First of all, Prop 8, I can't believe you were even an issue! I can't believe people ACTUALLY think it's ok to tell someone who they can and can't marry. Like, I understand there are people with different religious beliefs on what they believe is right or wrong, but THINK ABOUT IT LEGALLY. You just can't do that! I seriously am flabbergasted this was even an issue to discuss. Why is America so damn homophobic? Get over it.

And secondly, the Arizona issue... seriously I can't even get into that or I'll get super mad.

Anyway, solamente falta 3 dias hasta Guanajuato! I am so excited to finally be returning! I guess Geras' friends Iram and Rafa that I met in Tampico are going to drive and pick me up from the Airport so I don't have to pay a taxi. That's seriously so helpful and stress reliving. :) yay! We are going Saturday to Leon to visit Geras' sister and her family. I am excited, as we are going to stay the night there and enjoy dinner and such. I think Iram and Rafa might be coming with us! It'll be fun none-the-less. I told Geras that I wanted to go to the hot springs, but we'll see if we ever get around to doing so. At least I get to see some other friends there as well. I guess Geras has become better friends with Arturo from the store, which is sort of creepy, but he gives him free toilet paper so Geras likes it. Haha

I got a purple blackberry since the last time I posted on here. It's pretty fantastic. I wonder if there is a blogger application on there so that I can post directly from the phone. That would be awesome, although I suppose I could just use my internet browser to do that. I like all the applications, and the BBM is pretty cool although I don't think I understand all of it completely.

I am still lusting over the Marc Jacobs watch. If I make good money this week, I'll let myself get it.


some people are SO rude

Some people are literally SO RUDE! At work today a lady from a place I won't mention online called and asked to purchase an item we are selling here. She gave me her name and company and asked if this was the right place to do so. I said "yes it is" and began to search through my files to find paper to write her information down on, and she literally FLIPPED out on me and was like "is this a bad time? You know what, never mind. Sorry to have bugged you, go to hell", and hung up. UGH! The nerve of some people. Literally, I said nothing bad... what a bitch.

So today I picked up my computer from the Apple store. The guy there was so nice. He gave me all new internal parts (including a new hard-drive and the other things that are inside... I don't know) all for free. HOW GREAT?! Why you ask?! Because I am awesome... and I waited in the store patiently for about 2 hours while the other customers were bitching about time. Whatever, pays to be patient sometimes. Plus I didn't really have anywhere else I needed to be at that time.

I feel really itchy today? Is it something I ate? I don't like it. I wanna crawl back into bed right now and sleep. Oh! That reminds me. Last night was an insane thunder storm in Powell. I seriously woke up at one point and thought there had been an earthquake. Then I got on facebook this morning and saw that nearly everyone and their brother had commented on it. Good then, it's not just me!

Last night at Vaquero's I made $60 in TIP from ONE GUY. He came in, picked up the tab from some customers at the bar, and bought a shot of Patron for every worker in the restaurant. WHAT THE?! His lady he was with also told me I made one hell of a margarita, so that made me feel pretty good I guess. :)

Yeah, that's what I've got today.



solamente falta 9 dias hasta Guanajuato!! :)

Anyway, life, what's new in it? Simple. Nothing.

Jourie got a tattoo and it looks super sweet. I don't think I could ever get a tattoo. I cry when I cut my hair one inch, let alone making a long change. Ugh, I am weird. I guess I will just stick with what I've got.

I have a problem with permanent change. Not just in the sense of a tattoo or anything, but in the sense of life. Leaving Mexico and coming back the states was hard because I had finally become used to and assimilated in society there. Having to readjust to the strenuousness of this country wasn't as easy for me as it was for my fellow classmates. Also, I have a problem when people change. I don't like this whole growing up thing. I miss my friends from High School, but sometimes can't help but feel so disconnected, as if I don't know them anymore. Is that weird? I just don't like moving on I guess. But not all changes are bad. I know that. I understand. And it's not like I am going to avoid change. I know its normal and often necessary, but that doesn't mean I have to love it, right? Right.

My hair is getting curlier by the minute. It's because I chopped it all off and dyed it, probably, but it is looking more and more like "wild child" hair with every morning I wake up. I'm surprised nobody has really said anything about it. I mean, they've said stuff about the color, but never the ever changing natural style and body. My thin ass hair is getting thicker looking with ever unstructured curl that comes along. Woohoo!!

I went out on Saturday for my friend Brigette's birthday. Unfortunately, she was a little gone by the time I got there, so I didn't stay long. I got there late because I had to work beforehand. Oh well, I still had a good time.

Speaking of work, I am going to miss it. I love working in the Mexican restaurant. It's good money, the people are fun, and I like working with the customers that come. Win win WIN!

I just looked at some pictures of Chelsea Clinton. I don't care who you are, the girl is classy. I like how she lives in one of the most publicly scrutinized families, and yet remains so out of the public eye (for the most part). Her wedding photos are GORGEOUS and I am so jealous. Everyone keeps talking about all the money spent on the wedding, but to an extent (and yes, a small extent of the $40 mil spent) they had to. Who wants to be photo-bombed by paparazzi and the like on their big day. I was told that the guests didn't know where it was going to be held until an hour before, which intrigues me that much more.

Ever heard of being "iced"? Well, I think the whole concept is juvenile and stupid, yet absolutely AWESOME! You're supposed to let the person "stumble" upon the smirnoff ice and then they have to chug it when you come in and say "you've been iced". It's fantastic, right? ha.