Chloe Mafia

So has anyone seen this Chloe Mafia girl who is on the X-Factor, the British version of Americas Got Talent? Well, neither had I until PerezHilton posted something about her.

This is her:

She has so much scandal around her. I guess she is an escort who was snapped a few weeks ago with photos of her doing cocaine. The girl is literally nuts and yet I am so intrigued!! She is 19 and has a baby. Her audition of this week is just as bad. I wonder if she made it because I don't watch TV long enough to know. Literally I don't know what Simon sees in her. The media in Britain is literally having fun with this girl because she keeps giving them new material every week. Love it.

grad-schools/law schools/no schools

So I have been learning a lot about the process of applying and getting into Grad School and Law School. I just took my LSAT this past Saturday and MAN I feel 100% relieved. The next step is applying to schools, after figuring out exactly which ones I am really interested in and which ones I am not. I am excited yet nervous. I finished my exam today in Politics of Latin America without studying and felt completely satisfied and confident with the answers I gave. I know they're right. I know it.

But I have been thinking a lot about post college life, and i'll share with you exactly what.

For every college senior there are three options-- enter the workforce, go on an adventure, or go to some type of post-grad school. The question of which one is better depends on who you ask. Some people will recommend you take a year off and do something like an internship or job to realize what you want to do before you do it. Some say go to school while you're motivated, young, and able to. Others say screw it all and explore for a little while before you fall into something. None of these responses are right and none of them are wrong. However, how do you advise a college student on what they should do next? That is, after-all, why we have college advisors. But these advisors all tell you the same things -- make up your mind on what you want to do and tell me so I can help you from there. Make up your mind. Isn't that the hardest thing possible to do? I mean, personally, I am afraid of the WRONG decision so much that I might avoid making the RIGHT one. When people give you three great options, how are you supposed to decide? That's where parent pressure comes in. Some parents encourage their kids to go one way, while others encourage the opposite. This pressure either works or doesn't, once again depending on the person.

So where does it end? And how do you decide?

Maybe that's why there are so many college seniors that freak out and end up doing whatever is the easiest. Some people might say just continuing school is easiest because they don't have to figure out exactly what they want quite yet. Others say no school is easiest. Basically there's no answer to this question, and we start back at the beginning. Is the conversation a waste? No. But did we get anywhere new? Not really.