Chloe Mafia

So has anyone seen this Chloe Mafia girl who is on the X-Factor, the British version of Americas Got Talent? Well, neither had I until PerezHilton posted something about her.

This is her:

She has so much scandal around her. I guess she is an escort who was snapped a few weeks ago with photos of her doing cocaine. The girl is literally nuts and yet I am so intrigued!! She is 19 and has a baby. Her audition of this week is just as bad. I wonder if she made it because I don't watch TV long enough to know. Literally I don't know what Simon sees in her. The media in Britain is literally having fun with this girl because she keeps giving them new material every week. Love it.


  1. simon sees the british amy winehouse lmao

  2. What in the world is up with this girl's eyelashes?!?!? What in the world?!