A whole year of being Michael Jordan's number --- i'm 23

Yes. You heard right. I have nothing more to look forward to on birthdays besides being able to rent a car (at 25) and then my over the hill party (at 50). Joy. 

But, to celebrate this past birthday I had some interesting moments.

My family and I went out for a nice dinner on Friday night at Buca di Beppo to celebrate both my mom and I's birthdays, since we both worked on our special days. After rounds and rounds of food (bruschetta, salad, spaghetti, penne, chicken marsala, and chocolate cake) we probably gained five pounds of birthday weight. Oh well! 

Then on Saturday everyone at Vaqueros celebrated my birthday. Alejandra and Selina bought me a birthday crown and a ribbon that they made me wear all night. This was before I got pied all over by the staff in the restaurant with whipped cream -- a little tradition in the restaurant. Although usually not EVERYONE participates, which they did for me. Then they all sang me a little birthday song in Spanish which was very nice. However, my favorite part of the night was when Rivas gave me a bouquet of birthday roses. 

After being pied with whipped cream I washed out somewhat in the sink and headed to BW3's, my favorite wing joint, with Meredith, Erin, Jane, Kevin and Joe, as well as Mariano and Lalo. They had all come to visit me at work and decided to go out for a couple drinks afterward. 

The next morning was my actual birthday. Ugh. I woke up for the early morning brunch shift at MTM and worked all day. Work on your birthday really sucks. That night I only worked a couple hours though at Vaquero's because it was the super bowl and we didn't have too many customers. So, I packed up and went home, only to sit on the couch and watch the game and Madonna with the fam. It actually was a great game! 

And, now I am old. 


Powell restaurant treasures

So tonight I went out with my parents to two delicious italian restaurants. The first place is a little local named Mama Zarella's. While I have seen this place many a time, I have never gone inside. Man oh man am I sad at the time I have lost enjoying that delicious baked ziti! Soooo good and oh so cheesy!

Mom and Dad at dinner

And the kitchen of the restaurant might actually be smaller than the kitchen of ours at home. There was one server and one cook, and thats it. But the food was absolutely to die for!

After dinner we went across the street to a place called Brooklyn pizza for some canolis. To. Die. For!

So if anyone is looking for a good restaurant, both are a wonderful choice. Plus it's always nice to support a small local mom and pop restaurant, right?

I love Powell!

Chocolate Chip Canolis