Natty Light vs. PBR

For the extra dollar you can be more hipster. Is it worth it?

YES. END OF STORY. PBR is the drink of champions. PBR is the best thing, besides Jourie and Ruthie of course, to come out of Wisconsin. I am not kidding. PBR is cheap. PBR is delicious. PBR makes hipster boys want you more than they want the lead singer of Animal Collective, and no that's not gay. Animal Collective insights a different kind of feeling that you just wouldn't understand. PBR is the best thing to happen to a college kid.

NOW Natty Light? For real? Why does everyone buy this shit. And when you suggest PBR they get all "what are you a hipster"? Yes, hipster do love their PBR but also they love their beer and have an identity. What do you have with your Natty Light, you cheap mother fucker? Natty Light is piss in a can. I could do that for you and sell it half price.


I need to go to work now. Bye!

remember this song?

Video sucks. Song sucks. But it's all awesome at the same time. Man I love the 90s!

so halloween

is over. What now? When else can we dress up again? When else can we have fun nights of costumes and socially acceptable intense intoxication?

Click here for a good list of 12 reasons when.

And here are some of the best halloween costumes ever, if you can get past the fact that someone obviously couldn't spell halloween :