good times

So I guess this week has been the definition of college. I had 2 different presentations and two papers due, and have two more papers due Wednesday and finally two tests and a paper due the next week. This past week I went to the library, stayed in my room, and made the occasional trips out for food and such. Last night was my "relax" night, and so I went out to dinner at Vaqueros for one of my sorority sisters' - Katie Sherman - birthday. After that we all went over with Cynthia and started a party at her house. Apparently Phi Delt forgot to cancel the event we had planned with them at Chandras, so there was a ton of food there waiting for us. I didn't want to hike all the way there because it was raining and I was content hanging out in the house. Some people did, and then they came back. After Cynthias I went home, because going to the bar doesn't interest me anymore after that situation a few weeks ago. Everyone else went to the bar and I guess a bunch of people got arrested for underage. Megan told me that it was like 20 different people. Sting operations, they'll get cha. I am going to read one of my books all day today so that I am not stressed out tomorrow. Tomorrow is a basketball tournament that I am dying to participate in! It's the Phi-Delt basketball tournament 3 on 3. I get to represent DG. So excited. I have been trying to figure out where we are going to live next year, and we have seen a few houses so far, but at the same time we aren't trying to rush into it because we don't need to. If we don't have to pay a few months of rent, hey, that's even better!

Miracle of my life #5: I never got an underage!
Fail of my life #5: I still haven't started the book I have had by my side now for an hour because I keep getting distracted by the internet.


I don't understand how people pull all nighters all the time

Nothing too much going on right now with me, besides the fact that I am wicked tired. I can't go to bed until really late tonight either because of the insane amounts of work I need to do. Last night I pulled an all nighter----with the help of mountain dew. I read an entire book and wrote my essay on it. The adrenaline is starting to wear off, but it will hopefully last until I need it to today. I am tempted to go home and skip WCSA, but I can't. What a devoted member of student government, eh? Anyway, I have to go to work an hour early tonight because I am doing some calling for the Athletics Program at OWU (Team OWU). At least it's another hour of pay, but at the same time I am just ready to go to bed. I have two more presentations due this week, but hopefully I will get them done soon, like today or tomorrow.

School is wearing me down. I really just am ready for summer and ready for a break. It's not so much the reading and writing of papers, it's the dumb one page analysis stuff on articles we will never mention or be tested on or the other things I have to do on top of the school work. I love the classes I am taking this semester, however. They're all 4 on the topic of Latin America, with 3 of the 4 mostly focusing on Mexico. I really think I could do something in regards to just studying and gathering information in Mexico, writing books maybe? Who knows. Maybe I could write Mexican childrens books, and produce them at a low cost to promote literacy amongst the young population of Mexico. Maybe I can go pass them out in areas that wouldn't otherwise have the resources. Or maybe I can work with people on how to succeed in an informal economy. I wish I could go there and do something more political, but because I am a United States citizen I can not do that unless I want to get deported for good. Oh well.

Well that's my rant of the day I guess.

Miracle of my life #5: I am still awake and surviving
Fail of my life #5: The lady in the Econ Dept. referred to me as the girl who applied for the ECON grant when I am not an ECON major today when I turned in my informal transcript and budget request. Well, that option went down the tubes real fast huh?


Spring Fest Day Contd

Last night's Spring Fest was another to remember! God I LOVE Spring Fest!!! We went to hang out with Delay, Bixler, and Simon at their house and then went to the concert. It was a blast!
I got on stage during Ghostface Killah last night, which I have no idea how that happened. Then some of my friends and I got to hang out with him and I asked him if he knew Wu-Tang Clan would get as popular as it did. He said yes and laughed. We chilled for a while and then went home. Who else can say they got to meet Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan? Not you.

Miracle of my life #4: Met Ghostface Killah
Fail of my life #4: All the post before that happening


Spring Fest Day

Today has been not so hot. I found out I didn't get the $2,000 paying job I applied for but then she recommended me to apply for yet another grant I can get denied from. Great. I find out at the end of this month that I get denied from that. I've given up hope on that one, because you have to be an ECON major to get it, which I am not. I also got denied from the grant from my school that my teacher was sure I was going to get. It's not been a good month, and I've pretty much given up all hope on educational grants because they tend to go to less qualified people who have better connections. Welcome to the real world.

Tonight is Spring Fest, and I hope this brings up my mood a little bit.

I can't go out tomorrow night due to the intense amounts of studying/reading I have to do. Two books to read and write papers on, one Spanish story to read and write a paper on, and another set of Latin American Geography articles to read and analyze. Not to mention that next week I have two presentations to be doing and presenting. God I hate my life! Hence another reason why I need to GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I GO INSANE!!!

Well that was a negative post.


contd. Thursday

So I just got off the phone with my Mexican mother. It was nice talking to her. She told me about how Carla got pregnant again but lost the baby and how she has internet now in the house. I shared with her a little bit of what is going on in my life. She made a comment how I left the other half of my heart in Guanajuato, and she couldn't be more right. That fits in so many aspects. Ohio sucks, it just does. Don't try to defend it. Hey, I'm from here too! The people are fun, and there's a few cool things, but overall it sucks. As does most places, but central Ohio is nothing as cool as Mexico. And I am referring to the whole country.

I went to my recruitment meeting that apparently was cancelled. I also went to a meeting for the PG board, which I got elected to surprisingly. They were nothing exciting. Maybe tomorrow something more will happen --- actually I know it will. Tomorrow is Spring Fest here at OWU. There will be Broken Social Scene, Milkman, and Ghost Face Killer (from the Wu Tang Clan). It should be pretty good. I got my ticket for $6 instead of $10 because I picked out of the discount bag and got $4 off. Right on.

Still trying to figure out how I can make that money situation work for this summer. I am going damn it!!!

Fail of my life #3: went to a meeting that didn't exist
Miracle of my life #3: my mexican mom remembered me and actually wanted to hold a half hour conversation

Typical thursday, minus the class time

Today so far has been a good day, but of course on a day where I have no school and no reason to wake up before 4pm my body woke me up at 9am. Typical. This morning the maid came to clean our bathroom. In the dorms the maids ONLY clean the bathrooms, and when I say clean I mean spray down the sinks, check to see there's toilet paper, and take out the trash. Jane and I were both here, but both of us were hiding in our rooms because we are huge nerds. I pretty much sat around, did minimal reading, and then went to lunch in Smith hall with my friends Jane, Carolyn, Jane, and Audrey. It was fun catching up, considering I hadn't really seen them in a while due to various school related factors. I'll report the fail/miracle of the day tonight when I post again.

I took one photo of the girls at lunch right after Jane Butler left. Here it is:


Today I went to class as I always do. My professor had a sore throat, and after the first class I had with him decided he would put on some Mexican music and let us all leave a half hour early. It was quite fantastic. He even mentioned he might be canceling class on Friday. Fabulous considering I haven't had my Tues/Thurs Latin American Geographies class all week due to my professor being at a conference.

I worked the ballot box for WCSA (student government) Senior Class President elections for one hour and then went to the meeting for Girls Varsity Golf. It's new at OWU and will officially begin next fall. I have signed up because it's one of the few sports I can still do and not have to worry about my stupid head. My high number of concussions keep haunting me. This weekend is Delt's Beach Volleyball tournament and Wednesday is the Student/Faculty soccer game. I can't partake in either. Go figure.

I am also still trying to figure out ways I can get large sums of money in order to go to Mexico for the Summer and live there. My Dad told me today that I need to pay for all of my housing next year, but I hope that means he is paying for food. I don't exactly have that $10,000+ just laying around. I already work 2 jobs and barely have enough to pay for the miscellaneous stuff here now! Add on housing and I might have to die. Therefore, I need to budget a little better on where the money I will be making is going. I AM GOING TO RETURN TO GUANAJUATO AND I WILL FIGURE OUT A WAY!!!!

I just walked into the locker room to go to the bathroom, and the same naked lady that is ALWAYS in there and ALWAYS naked was awkwardly walking around. I don't get that. Like seriously.

Anyway, I'm off to do my Recruitment Prep Workshop with the new members.

Miracle of my life #2: Someone believing I am trustworthy enough to run a ballot box
Fail of my life #2: Locker-rooms damage your appetite. Enough said.


first post

Well, since I couldn't think of a better title I decided to stick with that one.

I was flipping through a certain social network site I used to use and laughed at all the ridiculous things that have happened to me. I decided I need to write them all down again. Thus, this blog was created. I decided I would highlight what had happened to me since my last posting, and would outline the miracles and the failures, just so when I read this in 10 years I can find the humor in the situations that at one point seemed to important.

This past weekend my friend Jack Waas came to visit me at OWU. The plan was to have a fun weekend, without any drama, and for Saturday to be the big formal. Of course, my life can never be simple. Friday night we had a party with the Phi-Psi's at 180 W. Williams, where I decided I would take it slow because the following night was formal and I wanted to reserve some energy. Long story short we ended up following the crowd to Clancey's Irish Pub in downtown Delaware, OH, for $5 all you can drink beer night. Jack and I were having a good time until one large townie lady came up to me and him and told us to "move" in a rather not so nice manner. Later she came back and got into a little argument match with me, fueled by everyone else around us. She spit on me and when I told her I didn't want her herpes, she pushed me into the corner of the bar booth where I hit my head on the wood. Long story short I was bleeding and had to get stitches the next morning. One kid from my University managed to get the whole thing on video... the fact that it is on video is kind of odd. What was he doing video taping us? Oh, well. What a weekend. Formal was a little slow for me, considering I was having massive headaches and couldn't feel anything. Poor Jack. Coming the weekend I get owned is probably not ideal situation. It was still fun though, and it was good seeing Jack again! Hopefully Jack, Jourie, and I can get together again soon.

On Monday I went to class as usual and had two different interviews. The first one was for a StAP position in the Development and Alumni office. I got the job, not only because I am the best person on campus to do it, but also because I was the only one to apply. ha. The second interview is for a job to do some calling for a survey for the Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I had to do a Spanish speaking interview with one of the professors in the Econ Dept. here at OWU who is a native of Peru. He said I did well and he would recommend me to Professor Simon for the position. Hopefully I get it.

Today my class was cancelled. I went to work for 4 hours in the Phone-a-thon, where I spent 4 hours getting one unspecified pledge and one pledge of $250. That was all.

I called the Delaware County Police, specifically Officer Dave Sturman, about pressing charges on the girl who slammed me. He said he doesn't think the prosecutor will even look at it. I still insisted he see it, and emailed it to him. We'll see what comes of it I guess.

Fail of my life #1: Getting owned by a townie
Miracle of my life #1: Someone telling me I am actually good at speaking Spanish