good times

So I guess this week has been the definition of college. I had 2 different presentations and two papers due, and have two more papers due Wednesday and finally two tests and a paper due the next week. This past week I went to the library, stayed in my room, and made the occasional trips out for food and such. Last night was my "relax" night, and so I went out to dinner at Vaqueros for one of my sorority sisters' - Katie Sherman - birthday. After that we all went over with Cynthia and started a party at her house. Apparently Phi Delt forgot to cancel the event we had planned with them at Chandras, so there was a ton of food there waiting for us. I didn't want to hike all the way there because it was raining and I was content hanging out in the house. Some people did, and then they came back. After Cynthias I went home, because going to the bar doesn't interest me anymore after that situation a few weeks ago. Everyone else went to the bar and I guess a bunch of people got arrested for underage. Megan told me that it was like 20 different people. Sting operations, they'll get cha. I am going to read one of my books all day today so that I am not stressed out tomorrow. Tomorrow is a basketball tournament that I am dying to participate in! It's the Phi-Delt basketball tournament 3 on 3. I get to represent DG. So excited. I have been trying to figure out where we are going to live next year, and we have seen a few houses so far, but at the same time we aren't trying to rush into it because we don't need to. If we don't have to pay a few months of rent, hey, that's even better!

Miracle of my life #5: I never got an underage!
Fail of my life #5: I still haven't started the book I have had by my side now for an hour because I keep getting distracted by the internet.

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  1. I have a bunch of papers and presentations coming up...but instead of starting them I find other things to do..#1 procrastinator...I'll be effed later though :D !