Typical thursday, minus the class time

Today so far has been a good day, but of course on a day where I have no school and no reason to wake up before 4pm my body woke me up at 9am. Typical. This morning the maid came to clean our bathroom. In the dorms the maids ONLY clean the bathrooms, and when I say clean I mean spray down the sinks, check to see there's toilet paper, and take out the trash. Jane and I were both here, but both of us were hiding in our rooms because we are huge nerds. I pretty much sat around, did minimal reading, and then went to lunch in Smith hall with my friends Jane, Carolyn, Jane, and Audrey. It was fun catching up, considering I hadn't really seen them in a while due to various school related factors. I'll report the fail/miracle of the day tonight when I post again.

I took one photo of the girls at lunch right after Jane Butler left. Here it is:

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