Well I did it again...

I neglected my poor little lonely blog yet again!

So I guess now is where I briefly catch everyone up.

Well, I went to Spain and Morocco, and now I'm back. It was awesome. Here's some photos to show how awesome it was.

Douna, her friends and I

Getting Henna in Morocco

Jim and I at the Kings old castle in Meknes, Morocco

Jim in the plaza mayor of Meknes 
CODM (Meknes) against Ivory Coast

Party in Salamanca

Brandon Cannon everyone


Bestie, Darren, Mel and I


Milena's Italian/Mexican friends

Soccer all the timeeeee

Meknes, Morocco - Street Caption

Milena and I

And then I came back, my boyfriend in Spain broke up with me because he couldn't get a Visa for the U.S.A., so I got a new boyfriend. His name is Hasan, and he is awesome. Here are some pictures that show how awesome he is.

And I have been working on the Obama campaign and still working at El V's a couple nights a week. I am beginning my job search as we speak, in fact, I just finished a couple applications. I am also just enjoying this awkward time in my life, trying to hang out with friends and family whenever I can and looking for that next big thing.

So now that we're all caught up, let's see how long it takes me to fall off the blogging-wagon again...