About me

"The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language" -Ezra Pound

My name is Sarah Ingles and I am a twenty-two year old college graduate from a small liberal arts college found in central Ohio. My time in college was absolutely amazing, and I am already super depressed at the idea that it's all over. In school I occupied myself playing Varsity Golf, getting involved with Amnesty International, working and being an active member (and at one time, a Vice President) in the Delta Gamma sorority. I majored in Latin American Studies, Politics and Government, and Spanish, and couldn't tell you at all what I am planning to do with my life. Right now I am in a state of limbo, looking for the next big thing to come my way. In the fall I will be taking some time to study abroad in Spain, which is also my way of delaying the real world. I am super excited to use these experiences and compare them to my past experiences (I studied for five months in Guanajuato, Mexico in the Summer and Fall of 2009). I am very interested in travel, new cultures, and the bohemian lifestyle. Some people tell me that I am preppy, and some people tell me I am totally alternative/hippie; I guess I must fall somewhere in between. I love to write, and have a cloth journal filled with pages and pages of my thoughts to prove it. I like both city life and living in nature; honestly, I could probably live and be happy in either.

This blog is basically a collection of my thoughts. The content encompasses my tastes in shopping, music, current activities, trials and tribulations of growing up, and random observations about the world. I would love to say that I know exactly where this blog is going to go, but I guess that's the beauty of growing up. We never know what's about to happen!