the hard work has paid off

We got seven BEAUTIFUL new members for Delta Gamma, all of whom we competed for! I couldn't be happier! Finally, fall recruitment for the most part is over and accomplished. The girls we took are all super sweet too! I think they're all really excited about joining Delta Gamma and becoming part of the sisterhood. I don't know how to describe my sorority, I am just so glad I have it. It's one of those things, from the outside looking in you will never see what all it provides for you. I love it! I am so happy with everything that's going on right now. I am also happy that I am getting to know girls I didn't know well before on a different level. I think it's fun that I feel more connected to my house. This is even though I am playing a Varsity sport and not going out every weekend night in order to study for the LSAT. Now I need to look forward to Spring Recruitment, which is hella stressful and is going to wear me outtt!!!

Lately I have been setting my sights on all kinds of new stuff. There's a really cute boy on this campus who I embarassed myself in front of the other day. Basically I drunkenly convinced my friend to text him and he knew it was coming from me eventually. Then today all day every time he saw me he was super chatty and smiling. GOOD SIGN?! PLEASE?!?! He's literally SOOO hott. You don't even understand. Ugh this blog is starting to sound a little fratty but I don't care. If only you knew who I was talking about, then you'd understand!

My friends and I decided we should be on a true life called i'm embarassing, because it's really an every day occurrence. Therefore, I put my facebook album title as that. HA!

AND SPEAKING OF FACEBOOK --- I really want to go see that movie The Social Network because Perez Hilton's blog said it was good, and I wanted to see it even before that. Especially because of my love of facebook.

Had my first practice LSAT this past Saturday. I think I am doing ok on the logic part. I need to work on the reading comprehension and the reading logic stuff, because that's where I could REALLY pick up my score!! :)


born free

i can't get over MIA's video:


I remember I saw this right when she came out with it and was like OH MY GODDD!!!!

Literally I love M.I.A. but her latest album WAS kinda shitty. I was at the concert at Bonnaroo where she said she was retiring.

BUTTTT this video --- wow!


new directions

So I have decided I am going to take my life in a new direction. I just now decided this. I am going to be happy. I am going to be eclectic. I am going to do what I like to do, and not what other people want me to do. This doesn't mean I am giving up law school or anything, I'm not. But I am going to wear my feather earrings everywhere and not care if some dumb bitch tells me I look like an ugly peacock. I am going to rock my multi-colored wardrobe and enjoy my dark purple painted room with orange and green accents. I am going to read my NYLON magazines, and not care who judges me when I say that "hipsters" are my favorite stereotype'd boys. I am going to keep my room messy and not appologize for it (HAAAA SIKE THATS ALREADY ALL THE TIME). I am going to wear my oxford shoes and not care if I am wearing a black and brown combination. I am going to speak in spanish when I drink and FIND someone who will speak it back with me. I am going to tell the cute boys I think they're cute. I am going to tell my friends I love them and stop worrying about dumb shit. I am going to enjoy DG and stop stressing about recruitment - I've done all I can do. I am going to wear long socks and not care if they match. I am going to DO WHAT I WANT! And that begins today.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first golf tournament. I am nervous, but I'm just so bad that it excites me. Only place to go from here is up! My Dad was talking to me and I told him that I got really mad about playing and how I am soooo bad and he was like... Sarah you're not good enough to be mad about it. PWND!!! At least he's honest!!

I think I am feeling a little better today because I did some retail therapy at Urban Outfitters and Forever21. I bought some cool little robot earrings at Forever and a T-shirt dress. At Urban Outfitters I got this sweet fedora hat (I love them), a grey cardigan (shocking, I KNOW. Me in a cardigan. How new.... not), and a black sweater dress thats baggy in all the right areas and tight in all the others. I feel better. Why does shopping do this to you? Oh the joys of wasting money and such. I am consumerist. I admit it. I am even looking up on the other tabs of my website - NYMAG, Urban Outfitters, and PerezHilton's Fashion blog thing, cocoperez.

That leads me to my next point. PEREZ HILTON I READ EVERY POST YOU PUT ON YOUR SITE. I am so lame. I couldn't tell you what the Ohio House voted on today, but I could tell you what Jennifer Aniston's latest boyfriends name is, or what weird thing Gaga wore on her head today was. Speaking of, I LOVE GAGA.

So Geras told me that he got a job in Mexico where he works in this Doctors house, cleaning, gardening, and essentially running errands from the office to the house all day long. He is getting paid $130 (pesos) a day for 4 hours of work. I think it's a pretty good deal. And then after that he gets to stay and eat dinner with the family. That's kinda cool! And the fact that Belanova is his good friend still blows my mind. Things are still a little weird between us, but that's how it is. I like this relaxed relationship we have going on right now. I think it's important to not cut someone out of your life if you're not sure you want to, but not being able to do fun things is not right. I think we've got it down. I can go out. I can meet people. I can do what I want as long as I call and say goodnight at some point. It's fine with me for right now, because I feel like I am at that point in my life where I don't know what's happening next. That's so scary. OK I need to move off this topic.

My housemate Lex is downstairs drinking with everyone, and Mere is down at OSU for the night. I am in my room. I can't drink because of golf, and honestly I just don't have any ganas to drink. Tomorrow will be a better day. There's a jersey party, but I don't do that stuff. I'll see where I end up.

Update: Audrey just told me her and Julia are on the way. So much for a quiet night in. There goes THAT LSAT study night. WHY AM I UPDATING MY BLOG INSTEAD OF STUDYING? Ugh, story of my life.



The title says it all. My life is one big ball of stress right now. Theres a lot of reasons and I am definitely about to ramble them off right now.

One I am completely stressed about school. I feel like I always have so much work and not enough time to devote to it. I am always studying, always have my work done before class, but I feel like I am lacking an extra hour or so to completely understand and grasp the main concepts. We were reading Socrates in class the other day and I was just like, God what I wouldn't give to have the time to read through this again. I wish I didn't have to wake up so early and work in the mornings, but asi es.

Two, I have been in and out of the hospital for the past week and a half. I got really really sick this past Saturday and was in the hospital. I woke up with a really bad headache and all of a sudden kept blacking out and feeling shitty. It kinda felt like I was having seizures or something, not that I would know how that feels. They found out I had a severe infection that was putting pressure on my brain. Also some other thing. I got this medicine, and two days later had a severe allergic reaction to it. Hopefully it'll stop soon. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Three, I am stressed about golf. When I am not thinking about golf I am practicing it.

Four, I am stressed about DG. I am the VP Recruitment so this is my BIG time to get upperclass girls to join so we can have better numbers going into recruitment for the younger girls. I can't help but feel that I am not doing a good enough job, and I just don't know what else to do. Today I devoted at least 3 hours to making invitations and hand delivering them to people with my roommate Meredith but I don't know what else I can do to get people to come to our last COB event before bid-day. Every sorority on campus is having the same problems. Ugh. I just don't know.

Five, I had a shitty situation happen last night that I don't even think is worthy of blogging about.

Six, I miss Mexico. Plain and simple. It is stressing me out that I don't know when I can go back. Missing independence day doesn't make it any better.

Seven, my future is freaking me out. I am so uncertain about everything I feel. I don't know where I will be in a year, and that scares me.

Eight, I have to apply to law school, do everything else, and somehow study for my LSAT on October 9th. THIS SUCKS.

Nine, I don't have money or the resources to be working on top of everything and yet I need to find a way to pay for the house and the bills.

Ten, I still haven't gotten my classes from Mexico approved. Scheduling is freaking me out. Will I graduate in time? What happens if I don't?? I don't know what to do. I just feel so stuck!!

and that's what I've got tonight. Sorry for the negativity. Positive stuff tomorrow.



I am really bad at keeping up with this blog lately. Maybe because I don't stare at a computer screen all day every day anymore. I am actually doing stuff now! Weird.

Anyway, lately I have been divulging myself into my school work. I signed up for the LSAT last week and am taking it in Cedarville on October 9th. Am I completely ready? NOT EVEN!!! I feel like I am NEVER going to go out again because I need to lock myself in my room and study. Seriously, I am not kidding. I am so nervous for this freaking test it's ridiculous. Tomorrow I am making my Mom take me to Barnes and Nobles so I can hopefully find some more LSAT prep stuff because the stuff I have now I have BEATEN TO DEATH and am tired of looking at it. OMG one month and four days!!!!

Right now I am supposed to be reading Plato's Republic, but instead I am updating this blog.

Today I went and played 18 holes of golf for practice and then went to my sorority COB. This one was friendship bracelet making for the children's hospital, which I am so glad I made that the theme. A lot of really cool girls showed up and were really excited about doing it for the kids! I was really really excited as well. After I had CMT (DG officers mtg) and then honor board. I then went home because my mom was trying to hold a big cookout for my brother and I to come home to. There was sooooo much food that it was kinda ridiculous. The conversation was ridiculous as always, so whatever.

That's all you're gonna get out of me right now. I am gonna go study.