semi-precious obsession

Semi-precious stones are super beautiful and have over taken half of my accessory wardrobe. I can't help it! I love them! They're elegant, while also adding that "artsy/unique" edge that I always try to find with each outfit selection. I have noticed that they are becoming more and more popular, as they are beginning to be sold in large quantities in some of the most mainstream stores at the mall. Perhaps this is also due to the idea that the fashion world has been heading toward lately-- boutique is in and name brand is out. 

Some of my favorite semi-precious stones can be found in stores, while others you have to find in the mines of Latin America (or sometimes the street markets of these towns) or other parts of the world. I love them in the forms of rings, bracelets, and even statement necklaces. I found this website called Brooklyn Thread, which sells jewelry of this type -- and for my price range! 

Here is a collection of some of my favorite pieces from Brooklyn Thread. Enjoy! 

semi precious stones - brooklyn thread


garage sale planning

So, this weekend was super fun-filled (lots of hospital visits, working, and nothing that's actually any fun). I have been thinking about the wonder that is going to happen next weekend. I am planning my first garage sale --well, the first one that I, myself, have orchestrated. I don't know why I am insisting on this so bad, considering I will be in Chicago Tuesday-Thursday, but I am. I painted some signs last night that I am going to be using, and am trying to organize all the shit from the basement, my room, etc. etc.. My parents should probably pay me just for digging through that crap!  I put some of the clothing in the living room, on one of those metal racks from The Container Store. That's when I realized that I literally must have had five years of wearing nothing but four clothing stores --> Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle and Limited Too. Seriously, I have over 20 something pairs of pants from these four stores that have just been sitting in the basement. WASTE. OF. SPACE. Some of the clothing, however, I wish I could still fit in because they have already come back in style (such as skinny capri pants). I am trying to get the rest of my family motivated enough to get their shit together, but so far it's been unsuccessful. Oh well, more money for me!

I am also planning on doing a small amount of baking on Friday in order to see if we can sell some cupcakes, and whatever doesn't sell I guess I can "take care of". 

I have also been googling garage sales online to see cute ways to set them up, since I have so much time to do that. Ha! 

This one is definitely the cutest: 

ain't it the truth

"Everyone wants peace but nobody constructs it"


fishtail braids

love love love love love love love love love

kitchen decor to die for

In my opinion, kitchens can be one of two things: they can be boring and average (no matter how much money your granite and cabinets costs), or they can be lively and beautiful. 

The kitchen is very important space; It's where we tend to hang out with our friends and chat, it's where we keep the food for the party, it's where we sit down to family meals, and it's where we spend a lot of time preparing for all these activities to begin. 

In case you don't know me, I am a very color oriented person. I absolutely love kitchens that have a pop of color. Some of my favorite kitchens I have ever seen in my life are located in Guanajuato, Mexico, the land of the colorful kitchen. There, artisan bowls, colorful kitchen utensils, and even hand painted tiles on the wall and countertops are the norm. This, combined with beautiful wood cabinets and tables, creates an interesting and unique combination that I am absolutely obsessed with. When it comes to cabinets, I typically prefer a vintage look rather than a modern one. Here are a collection of some of my favorite kitchens: 

hair colors

So I am thinking about putting in a thin streak of purple, pink and blue in the tips of my hair. Just for fun. Why not? I mean, I am going to Spain to hang with the hippies and gypsy's anyway! I already rock the feather AND the tinsel, what's another little thing? 

Here's what I am thinking... although I realize I'm not blonde.



mom, why?

So I was sifting through the web, again, and found this little gem of a photo:

It reminded me of something kind of funny-but-not-so-funny. I guess when I was little, I used to have "baby-seizures" all the time, and one time had one in a little doggy costume. First of all, what the fuck --- and second of all, why the fuck did my mom dress me up as a dog? 


That had to be the weirdest run to the hospital. Like, imagine this baby being carried in (wearing a dog costume). Those nurses were probably so confused.

...that's all i've got.


Chicago next week!

So next Tues/Wed/Thurs I am going to be back in Chicago with my dear friend Jack in order to visit and pick up my student visa for study in Salamanca, Spain! Ah! 

It's coming so soon and I feel like I am not at all prepared. Is this a problem? 


i learned something new

So while I was perusing the web in my typical post-graduate state of boredom (seriously, when did everyone besides me suddenly get so busy?), I found this little tid bit that might help you out at the grocery store.

Did you know that the little closure tabs on bread are there in order to tell you when they baked it? 

...yeah me either. But apparently it is! 

...the more we know, the smarter bread shoppers we are.

saved by the fedora

Celebrities wearing fedora hats

So this summer I have really been saved by my fedora. What do I mean, you ask? I mean that while this summer is filled with heat and humidity, my hair has had too many days of being completely out of control.  By wearing a fedora, I am able to cover this "out of control" hair with something that's totally stylish and looks relaxed. Lately I have been loving my light yellow fedora, but today while I was with Jane at Urban Outfitters I purchased a brown one which I am sure will get plenty of use this summer. Also, people in Europe like them, so yippee(!!!) I get to bring them with me.

Here are a few cute fedoras, you know, in case you are on the search. Enjoy! 

fedoras galore!

Forever21, $13
Straw fedora hat, $13
David Young straw fedora hat, $18
Eugenia Kim rabbit fur hat, $310
Straw hat, $13
Milton | Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, $50


Things that catch dreams...

I have a serious affinity for dream catchers that is borderline obsessive. I don't know why I love them so much, but I do. I think they're so interesting. I have a mini-dream catcher on my key ring that I bought a while ago at Urban Outfitters, and although it's falling apart, I don't ever want to take it off. I think done right, dream catchers can be the most interesting pieces to decorate anything! They're interesting to look at, to photograph, to incorporate, etc. etc.. Honestly, I probably like them because they involve feathers. If you don't know, I hardcore rock the hair feather. Also, dream catchers are a cool tattoo idea. You know, if I actually ever wanted to get a tattoo (which I don't and never have/never will). As with everything else, the more colorful the dream catcher, the more I will probably like it. 


...and one more for good measure.

Best Post-Break-Up Songs

One of my friends asked me to make her a mix for her post-break-up self. Always happy to make a mix for someone, this is what I gave her. 


Your Ex Lover is Dead- Stars

Song for the Dumped- Ben Folds Five

Lets Stop Calling it Love- MoZella

Hurt Like Mine- The Black Keys

Bitch I'm Special- Rihanna

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore- James Morrison

Fuck You- Lily Allen

Breaking the Girl- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Case of the Ex- Mya

The Scientist- Coldplay

You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette

Top Yourself- The Raconteurs

Ur So Gay- Katy Perry

If you shop at Forever 21 you must read this blog

...and you must have a good sense of humor!

Recently I started back up reading the blog WTForever21 and I am not lying when I tell you this shit is so funny!

Basically what happens is this ingenious blog writer checks out all the random shit Forever 21 puts out for sale. If you have ever stepped foot in a Forever 21, you know that half of the stuff is legit, and the rest of it looks like it's for baby hookers/psychopaths. Like, I can't believe I didn't think of this myself! I literally go in to Forever 21 and think to myself "who the fuck thought this was a good idea?". That's where my girl picks it up and makes a post out of it by adding a hilarious one-liner that I should have thought of myself.

Seriously, if you shop at Forever 21 (which I know is most of you ladies out there) please check out this blog. You boyfriends and guy friends/dads/brothers who got dragged along will probably find it entertaining as well!

rappers are little?

Is that what they're trying to get across to us when they name themselves lil __(fill in the blank)__. 

I mean, what's up with that? Lil Wayne I can see, he is a little man. Short I mean. However, do you really want to define yourself by your height/whatever else lil entails (no judgement). But all of them do it. Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, etc. etc. 

Are they trying to tell us something about themselves that we don't already know? 

Ponder that one for a hot minute! 


crop it off

Flashback to the 90's everyone... the crop top has returned! This style may not be for everyone, as I have seen and heard from many people, but I can't help but love it. I think they are super cute, and paired with the right thing, can be a fun outfit for any girl brave enough to rock one. Plus, one more motivation to hit the gym super hard (as if we needed another, right?). I might be the only one of your friends who swear the 90s were the greatest decade, but I will stand by my love for boy bands and bad style forever. Don't hate!


crop top

Otis Maclain short sleeve shirt
$128 - new.amrag.com

Miss Selfridge cotton shirt
£17 - missselfridge.com

Sass Bide cropped shirt
$180 - superette.co.nz

Oasis denim shorts
£28 - oasis-stores.com

Rag Bone short skirt
£63 - theoutnet.com

Lanvin gold flat
£320 - brownsfashion.com

Missoni ballet flat
$425 - simplysoles.com


R. Kelly, you are a genius

Trapped in the Closet -- chapters 1-22

Oh. my. God. If you don't know what "Trapped in the Closet" is, then you have missed a generational gem! I can't tell you the amount of times I have spent watching this saga unfold over and over again. Basically, "Trapped in the Closet" is R. Kelly's own soap opera. It's hilarious, exciting, and a little bit frightening. It's centered around the most ridiculous love story ---if you want to call it that--- and has the most twists you will ever see in a music video. I used to know all the words to the first part, but I kind of forgot a lot. If you haven't seen it, you need to. If you have seen it, you need to see it again. Watch it!


I'm loving Free People

If you know me at all you know that my three favorite stores to shop for myself are Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People, although my budget is usually a little more Forever 21. I love the sheik style of Anthropologie, the every day trend of Urban Outfitters, and the rugged bohemian look of Free People. Yes, I realize I am supporting essentially the same company, but I can't help what I like, right?! 

I find myself looking over their websites repeatedly, hoping there is some kind of awesome sale that calls "Sarah, buy me!". I have their catalogs spread throughout my house, and could probably recite to you the page design in order. The collection I am obsessing over currently is the line from Free People.

Here are some of the things I decided I need to have in tow for Spain:

Watercolor Tube Dress

Moonbeam Maxi Skirt

4 Love And Liberty Cross Over Dresss

Intimately Blackwell Legging
Pencey Dante Sandal