Organization Spotlight on Amnesty International

One organization I am proud to say I have worked with is Amnesty International. Growing up I always wanted to get to the point where I could do research for them and work toward Human Rights in all different parts of the world. Obviously I am most interested in Latin America, but I always try to take part in letter writing campaigns and "get out the information" campaigns wherever help may be needed. 

Amnesty International is one amazing organization. Their website states that they have over three million supporters, but I believe they hold the hearts of many many more. The work they do is truly incredible. Many lives have been saved or significantly bettered by the campaigns and actions taken by Amnesty International.

Some current issues that are being tackled by Amnesty International are: 

Forced virginity tests conducted by the Egyptian military

Anti-violence against Women campaigns; Cases are worldwide

 A large quantity of worldwide Death Penalty cases that occur each year, many without a fair trial

Numerous worldwide cases of peaceful journalists and Human Rights advocates jailed and often tortured without fair trials

...and many more issues

I attended the Amnesty International National (USA) Conference in Boston a few years ago, and my life has seriously been touched ever since. That year, the huge thing was immigrants rights, something that as many of you know I am deeply involved and interested in. I am proud of the actions taken by the many Amnesty workers, volunteers and supporters, and hope that you will peruse their website and consider donating and/or volunteering for this powerful and positively effective organization. Ten dollars will buy a pack of stamps, which could be used to send hundreds or thousands of letters; these letters could be anything from encouraging Human Rights supporters who are locked up abroad that hope is not lost, to asking governments to acknowledge and fix certain Human Rights violations. This is enough to save someones life!

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