saved by the fedora

Celebrities wearing fedora hats

So this summer I have really been saved by my fedora. What do I mean, you ask? I mean that while this summer is filled with heat and humidity, my hair has had too many days of being completely out of control.  By wearing a fedora, I am able to cover this "out of control" hair with something that's totally stylish and looks relaxed. Lately I have been loving my light yellow fedora, but today while I was with Jane at Urban Outfitters I purchased a brown one which I am sure will get plenty of use this summer. Also, people in Europe like them, so yippee(!!!) I get to bring them with me.

Here are a few cute fedoras, you know, in case you are on the search. Enjoy! 

fedoras galore!

Forever21, $13
Straw fedora hat, $13
David Young straw fedora hat, $18
Eugenia Kim rabbit fur hat, $310
Straw hat, $13
Milton | Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, $50

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