I'm loving Free People

If you know me at all you know that my three favorite stores to shop for myself are Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People, although my budget is usually a little more Forever 21. I love the sheik style of Anthropologie, the every day trend of Urban Outfitters, and the rugged bohemian look of Free People. Yes, I realize I am supporting essentially the same company, but I can't help what I like, right?! 

I find myself looking over their websites repeatedly, hoping there is some kind of awesome sale that calls "Sarah, buy me!". I have their catalogs spread throughout my house, and could probably recite to you the page design in order. The collection I am obsessing over currently is the line from Free People.

Here are some of the things I decided I need to have in tow for Spain:

Watercolor Tube Dress

Moonbeam Maxi Skirt

4 Love And Liberty Cross Over Dresss

Intimately Blackwell Legging
Pencey Dante Sandal

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