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Saucony Grid Shadow
So, since I have been totally and completely obsessed with Zumba recently, I decided to have a post on something I am becoming more and more obsessed with -- running shoes. It seems like all I have done lately is write this blog, work out, and shop for more things to work out with. I guess you can say that I have been on an endorphin high for a while now, and show no sign of slowing down. My exercise of choice is usually Zumba classes, jogging a few miles, fast walking on the treadmill, weight lifting exercises, and/or taking the dogs out on a walk. In a typical day, I try to implement a couple of those activities into my schedule. I am not the type to go out and run ten miles, so I don't need a shoe designed for that; however, I hate tennis shoes that make your feet hurt more than if you didn't wear any. 
Brooks Cascadia 6
Nike Free Run +2

The style of the shoe is super important to me. If I am going to pay around $100 dollars for a tennis shoe, it should look good and feel good. Bright colored tennis shoes tend to draw my eye, and wallet, more often. I can't stand boring white tennis shoes that don't have any sense of personality or color. Recently I ditched my beloved Mizuno's for some Nike Free's (mine are the hot pink ones pictured above), and while I love my Nike Free's, I would recommend Mizuno to anyone looking for a comfortable and long lasting tennis shoe. The rest of the shoes pictured above are some that have been recommended by friends and that sparked my interest just by their colors. Enjoy! 

Mizuno Wave Elixer 6
Nike Air Max 2011
ASICS Nimbus 13


  1. What a great post! Just came across your blog and fell in love with it immediately! You have amazing sense of style!!!
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  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it. Your blog is pretty awesome as well, and I will definitely keep it on my radar. Best of luck to you!