i do... but now? not so much.

I just graduated college in May and already I am feeling the pressure to grow up and become, as many people put it, "a real person". I mean, wasn't I a real person before? Apparently not.

But in this new thing we like to call "being a real person", I have found that people have already begun to judge me. They judge me because I still live with my parents, they judge me because I am bartending and working for my Dad, and they judge me because I am not actively pursuing a career in this moment in time. When I try to explain to them that I am just taking the time because I am going to Spain for four months in the fall, they tend to ignore my rationale and give me the general "oh I see, what are you going to do there?" question. Must I have a job in Spain in order to make it legitimate? Can't studying abroad for fun be enough for some people? The best, however, is when I am talking to someone who has known me for a while; these people tend to ask questions about when I plan to go to law school or grad school, since that was my plan for, oh I don't know, all my life until now. When I explain that I don't want to go to either right now because I have no idea what I even want to do, I usually get a taken back "oh I see" in response. Sometimes I just want to look at people and say, "hey I am 22 and in no rush to get moving, but after Spain I swear I will conform and figure something out".

And what I really don't understand is why everyone who has been dating for two or more years feels the need to put a ring on it right now and settle down. This is the time of our lives that we are figuring out who we are and where exactly we want to be. We are constantly looking for bigger and better options, and have no idea where we might be in six months, let alone a year or two.

DISCLAIMER: Ok, ok. I don't want to offend anyone at all! Don't worry, if you're getting married I am completely ecstatic for you, but what I am saying is that it's not for me. I am nowhere near stable enough to even consider the action! And friends, honestly, most of this post is just me being silly.

I can't fathom thinking about spending the rest of my life with somebody, and making that decision now.  Life has to be different when you're finally out on your own, paying off loans and bills, and trying to figure everything out. I just don't think it makes sense, for me, to attempt to understand someone else's growth when I am not even sure where my own will take me! People change over time, and especially once thrusted into a new situation and under loads of stress. And it's not only that! The thought of being permanantly stuck anywhere or with anyone really freaks me out. There's so much more world left for me to explore, and being engaged always hinders your ability to take that awesome dream job far away. Not that I need or will be going anywhere far, I just want to have the option. No way, jose, I will not be getting engaged anytime soon.

So, in honor of all my ranting, I have compiled a Top Ten Reasons I'm Not Interested In Marriage/Babies Until Way Later: 

10. I like going out

Babies and controlling-husbands/boyfriends/whatever piss me off. Also, nobody likes the married girl/guy at the club. I like my free drinks, thank you.

9.  People tend to let themselves go after they get married, and they're stuck with it

Well, that just means more unmarried hotties for me! All ya'll should get married young.

8. I can still "have the option" at High School/College Reunions

Because we all know people get hotter if we don't have to see them often.

7. Married people tend to be less spontaneous and more "scheduled"

...and we all know my feelings on schedules.

6. I like to do what I like to do

I don't want to save my money for something lame like a wedding when there is a new Marc Jacobs line waiting to be purchased! And I don't like having to compromise on going to a party with your family instead of going to the greatest concert ever to come to town. You call me selfish, I call me strategic; po-ta-to's, po-tat-o's.

5. Fifty percent of all marriages of today end in divorce

And good divorce lawyers aren't cheap! Once again... Marc Jacobs wins.

4. Get married, have a kid and settle down

Heres the best opportunity ever, but it's located in Argentina; the husband/wife doesn't want the kids to live far from the grandparents. Bye-bye Argentine opportunidades! Skydiving? What if I die? Who will take care of the kids? Bye-bye thrill seeker, hello responsibilities. Plus, where you raise your kids is probably where you're stuck forever... or at least for a while. Ah! Scary!

3. When you're old with gray hair, and you're married, you are just old and tired looking. When you're old with gray hair, and your single, you are distinguished and intelligent looking. 

Enough said.

2. Tight twat

Yeah, I said it.


Everyone wants the unmarried, almost thirty year old woman, right? Ok, maybe it doesn't work out like it does for Samantha on Sex and the City, but I think the idea of it is just oh so appealing.

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