How about we stop talking in ebonics all the time. Fucking use ENGLISH! Naw mean?

Ok but on a serious note, Check out this video right hereeeee!!!!!! My friend Jane and I made this video sophomore year while we were bored in my dorm room. We are really cool, I swear. It's more or less a video of us dancing around while filming ourselves with my (at that time) new mac-computer. Oh sophomore year, how I miss you.

So I don't know if I had mentioned this yet or not but I am playing golf at my college this coming Fall/Spring. I am really excited about it, seeing as how its a new program and I am not really all that great at both technique and play. Nonetheless I am anxious to get out and do something new for a change. It'll be fun and refreshing I think. And it'll get me out to be active and walk a course every day. That's the good part I guess. I need to get some clothing, and all the clothing I look at online is HELLA expensive. Blah. Whatevs. Maybe I can con mom or dad into getting me some? What do you think?

Thats what i've got today. Check back later I suppose.



Gotta throw the shout outs back where some shout outs are due! Jourie dedicated a section of her blog to me (saying I am the only one who reads it) which is probably true because I think she is the only one who reads mine. Well, at least we keep eachother entertained and a bit more up to date.

I just got an email from one of my professors about the books I need for class. We begin August 23, which is weird because I feel like a lot of my schooling has begun on the date August 23rd. Maybe I am just weirding myself out or something? I can't believe we start so soon though. I need to get stuff together for DG, and CLASSES, and everything. I don't even have any clothing up in the house up in Delaware. The only thing I have up there is some junk, my bed, and my painted purple walls. But CLASSES?! Already?! I feel like I just got out of them! Aw, man!

I still have my stitches in my head. I need to take them out ASAP but I never really have time to run into Urgent Care and when I do have the time I always feel too lazy. ha Story of my LIFE!

I am looking at Twitter right now and the trending topics include : #thenexttimewehavesex, which is immediately followed by #youlostmyrespect. We must have a lot of pissed of cheaters or minuteman on our hands, but maybe they should realize that it's not something to TEXT about. Literally. Some people "tweet" anything and everything. I don't need to know what boy your sleeping with tonight, or the full lyrics to a stupid rap song, or what you ate for lunch. Unless it really is interesting, please don't waste my time. I also hate the people that literally fill up your home page. Like, find something else to do. If you "tweet" more than 5 posts in the same hour and you're not in the middle of some huge protest or event, then you have a problem. And I would prefer you take your problem somewhere else, because I am tired of dealing with it. Thank you.

I have been trying to eat healthy, which is hard. Literally I LIVE at Panera lately, eating their black bean soup more than I probably need to, but I am afraid of any other restaurants because I know I will eat shit if I go to them. I work in a Mexican Restaurant and it is the hardest thing to restrain myself from Margaritas and Cheese Dip! Ugh! I also found this web entry on Cosmopolitan.com that tells you about foods that you think are good for you and actually aren't. Ugh. F my life. Eating super healthily is EXPENSIVE too. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ridiculous in comparison to the price of a full meal at McDonalds. That's why everyone is so overweight. I also gained a little bit after Mexico from mere depression and separation anxiety. Need to get that off, and I am determined! Eff.

Alright blog, I'm out!



the new Marc Jacobs fall collection in its entirety, please. Ughhh. I seriously have an obsession with Marc Jacobs. He just is so sheek, clean, and a little bit punk rebel on the side. I also love the daisy perfume of his, and wear it pretty much every day. It's clean and fresh, and doesn't make you smell like a small prostitute anytime someone gets a big whiff.

Anyway, I need to go shopping before Mexico. I need some nice cool outfits that are clean and classy but cool enough that I won't die in the heat. I am so excited to go back! Ah! I can't even wait!! Perhaps I'll get something from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line to take with? Ha.

I am also shopping around for a cool pair of motorcycle boots. I really want them because just by wearing them I can take whatever I happen to be wearing and make it a little more punk than it is already. I need to get out of this JCrew goodie goodie look I have going on in my closet right now. It's boring! I need more hippie. I need more rebel. I need to stop listening to so much Courtney Love is what I really need to do.

I wish I didn't have to work literally every second. I am going to work tonight for Sylvie and the on Sunday for her as well which means no relaxing nights for a few weeks. Is it bad that I just want to sit on the couch, watch some television and pass out? Ugh. In my dreams, huh? Hence why I can't wait to start back to school. Although the work load won't lighten up, I will get to see all my friends again. Working all the time kinda prohibits me from seeing my Powell-ites -- not like they're in town anyway. Meh.

Geras has a cell phone again. It sure did take him long enough. I can't explain how annoying it's been to not see him and to not be able to talk to him when I want to. Now I get to call him when I'm off work and he always makes the time to talk to me. That's the nicest part about him, I think. No matter what he's doing, he always gives me ten minutes if not a lot more.

I have really been missing my days in Mexico a lot lately. I think about my friends that I have there and that I made there and get kinda depressed. Also, the stress is a lot lower and the fun amounts are a lot higher. There's always something new to do and somewhere new to explore. I wanna travel the whole country for like two years and just GO places. I want to see the big cities and the small towns, both north and south. I want to know the difference between northern and southern cooking techniques not because I have tried the food, but because I have made it with the natives and seen the process. I also want to enjoy life while I'm young, because who knows, it might not last all that long.

But then there's also Europe! And Asia! And Africa! And Central/South America! And Canada (yes, I've still yet to go to Canada). I just wanna travel travel travel travel!!!

But to do so I need to be a billionaire... oh well.



I think I made a mistake last night. Knowing that I have to work for the next 12 days at night I stupidly decided to go hang out for German's birthday until 2:30 am before work the next day. Oh the life of a college student. All I have to say is that I am about to CRASH this week and I am not excited for that. I think the only thing that is keeping me awake is that I know I will be making money (hopefully a lot) that I can use in Mexico and save for later this year when I need it. I also need to make up a schedule for when I can work during the year at Vaquero's (see this blog really does help jog my memory).

I have my music on and that's pretty much the only thing keeping me awake right now. I am becoming more and more obsessed with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's but I will always have my Enrique love to listen to when I need a little latin pop.

I literally am dozing off writing this blog post. This is going to be a rough week. Maybe I can sneak in a nap before work tonight? Probably not...

So I got into an argument with someone last night over Miley Cyrus. They said she had no talent, and while I don't think she's any sort of MESSIAH to the vocal music world, she is catchy and fun. And that's what Pop music is all about. Therefore, she's a Pop superstar, and deservingly so. The person, who I won't name, last night said she is worse than Britney/Christina and the likes... and that she doesn't deserve to be in the public eye. I sense a little bit of jealous, but ignoring that fact I will progress in my statements. Mileybird (as PerezHilton says) CAN'T BE TAMED. She's 17. She's horny. She's pretty. But most of all, she's dating a HOTTIE and is in the public eye literally every time she walks out of her house. Let her be! When I was 17 I am sure I did way worse things that people would have loved to scrutinize, the only difference --- no paparazzi to capture my fond moments. And, yes, I do think beneath the booty shorts and push-up bra's there is somewhat of a talent... or at least ambition... that translates to the superstardom she enjoys currently. Viva la Miley!

Mexico!!! Please come sooner!!!


the columbus zoo is great

No really, it is. Ranked as one of the top 3 in the nation, of course it is! I went yesterday with my family and had a blast. The new polar bear exhibit is literally insane. Upstairs you can see them outside sitting in the sun, but the coolest part is the downstairs. You are underneath the water and get to see them swimming up above you. The best part was we saw them during their feeding time. I watch a polar bear jump above me and catch a fish. It was awesome!

But yeah, after that we went to the other exhibits. We saw a parakeet exhibit where you can bring a cup of nectar and they'll fly on you. I thought it'd be cool, until they started flying all over me and licking my neck. Then I stopped being so into it. It really freaked me out actually.

You can't really tell in the photo that there were tons all down my arm, but there were.
Nonetheless the zoo was a success.

Last Friday I also went out with the people from work for Juan's birthday celebration. We went to a fun dance club, where I passed through the "Latin Dance Room" and the "American Club Mix Dance Room" multiple times. It was a lot of fun.

I can't even wait to go to Mexico, but sadly that means the end of summer. Oh well, I am pretty excited to go back to school and start senior year for the last time!!! I can't believe I am in my last year of school though. It seems like just yesterday that I was entering college. Now I'm leaving it?! What has the world come to?! Oh well, law school ap's here I come!!!


so now

I am going back to Mexico the 12th through the 21st of August! Yay!! I am excited to see everyone there, although there's probably going to be a lot of people I'll miss just by lack of planning my time (as usual) and mere apathy. However, Jack just so happens to be going back the same week I am!!! Now only if we could get Jourie to come down, but the lucky biatch was there all last semester sooooooo... idk. Anyway, I am going to see my family FOR SURE and hang out with Geras as a def.... and I have to see Caro -- hopefully she's not in D.F. and will come to GTO to hang out with meeee :) AH! I am super super super SUPER excited!! I just bought my ticket and bought it in a way so that I can maximize my time there. My flight leaves CBUS at 6:20am and then I come back at 3:50pm the day before I need to be at OWU. woohoooo!!!

Ok, anyway. This Friday is one of my co-workers (Juan) birthday and we are going to a dance club in Columbus to celebrate. I bought this tight red dress that I have been wanting to wear for god knows HOW long, and I plan to wear it there. We'll see. It's all salads and watermelon from here on out... aka one day. Great planning Sarah. Well at least maybe I can lay out after work and get semi-tan. That might help the situation. Probably not...

I've become obsessed with watches lately. Like, I notice them WAY more than I ever did before. I think it's because my mom just bought the one that Sandra Bullock wears in the blindside (well, one like it. She didn't buy the $20,000 Chanel one she was ACTUALLY wearing). Therefore, with Moms new purchase I gained her old watch which I have drooled over for God knows how long. I keep going into stores and noticing their watch collection. Is it obsession? Yes. Should I buy another watch? No. Will I? No. I need to refrain. I'm going to be in Leon, GTO and we allllllllll know I can't resist a good pair of shoes. Lets be honest.

Working this summer has been enjoyable. I have learned a lot from both jobs, mainly more about the Hispanic population in Columbus. I also really like the fact that I can use my Spanish all the time. I feel myself getting better and better each day (with a few minor grammatical things to fix). I definitely don't have any problem arguing my point quickly or having a conversation, it's just sometimes I wish I knew the ACTUAL word off the top of my head instead of trying to describe my way around it. Oh well, whatever.

So I have recently taken a new liking to my twitter account. Maybe it's the fact that I stare at a computer screen FOREVER or maybe it's the fact that I am not texting as much. Maybe the end result is a combination of the two. Nevertheless, I am twittering like nobody's business (well, like one or two a day... but for me thats a lot!).

I can't believe this whole Lindsay Lohan thing going on right now. Did she REALLY think it was ok to write "fuck you" on her nails for the court room. IDIOT! And now she thinks she can get out of her jail sentance, which is ridiculous. Girl, you had more chances than the average joe would have, and you deserve everything you're about to get. Trust me, I'm a hugeeeee fan, but I know when wrong is wrong!

And Enrique Iglesias has a new CD with beautiful promotional pictures and interviews and magazine covers and pictures of his beautiful face and beautiful body and wonderful voice and... oh I got sidetracked. Well, on that note, peace!


hanging out at work

Well, I am all moved into my new house. Dad and I painted the walls dark purple, and although it's hot as balls up there (due to summer), it's quite pleasant on the eyes. We couldn't get the bed frame upstairs so we had to break it and reassemble it upstairs. Don't worry, all we had to do was knock out one board and then re-nail it. The room looks good. All I need to do now is move my stuff in (such as clothing, dishes, laundry stuff, etc. etc.).

I am getting so anxious about next year. I just kinda wish I knew what I was going to be doing, but I don't, and won't, for a very long time. Who knows?! Next year I might be doing something COMPLETELY different from what I ever imagined. Or I might be getting ready to sit in my classes at law school. Teaching in Mexico? Why not?! I am young, and all I want to do is travel and explore! Is that so bad Mom and Dad? I have my whole life to settle down. And when I do it will be in a BIG city, because this suburb, drive to work everyday thing is really not for me. I don't even like cars, and the fact that you have to pay for gas what you should on clothes really bugs me. City life makes much more sense :)

I have become addicted to stumbleupon.com, but for some reason for the past few days this computer has been kicking me off the internet every so often. It's getting quite annoying. In fact, it did it to me the first time I wrote this blog. Therefore, I will probably forget a lot of what I wrote and wanted to say the first time around. So is this considered a re-write? Whatever.

A few days ago it was the fourth of July, which was a great time. I missed Red White and Boom this year in Columbus because I was working all night long at El Vaquero. But, I did go out in Columbus after with Brigette to see her boyfriend and his band play at the Scarlet and Grey cafe down at OSU. On Sunday (the actual fourth) I went to my house in Delaware and had a few girl friends over. We went down by the softball fields to watch the fireworks go off, and had a pretty relaxing chill night. I stay ed there and came back in the morning to get ready for work Monday night. This week at work has been crazy. I am making pretty good money, but sometimes feel like I am running around with my head cut off. Oh well, it's the life of a solo bartender in a busy restaurant I suppose.

I keep looking on Facebook and stalking all my worldly friends adventures. I am so jealous because so many of them are all over Europe right now. I am stuck in a two-job model life, right here in the suburbs of Columbus, OH. Joyous. I have also decided that I am no longer going to buy as much shit, mainly because I already have a ton of shit, and the shit I have keeps piling up. It's annoying me. I need to sell it, donate it, or trash it. Seriously, if you saw my room you would understand my problem with SHIT. I might as well be on that show hoarders, although I have never seen it. But from what I hear I would be a great candidate for it. I need to sell the stuff I can and get money so I can buy the new stuff I want. You look at Carrie Bradshaws closet and room and its clean with lots of stuff, but useful stuff. Mine is ALL SHIT.

Well, that's what I have got for today. Toodles!