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I am going back to Mexico the 12th through the 21st of August! Yay!! I am excited to see everyone there, although there's probably going to be a lot of people I'll miss just by lack of planning my time (as usual) and mere apathy. However, Jack just so happens to be going back the same week I am!!! Now only if we could get Jourie to come down, but the lucky biatch was there all last semester sooooooo... idk. Anyway, I am going to see my family FOR SURE and hang out with Geras as a def.... and I have to see Caro -- hopefully she's not in D.F. and will come to GTO to hang out with meeee :) AH! I am super super super SUPER excited!! I just bought my ticket and bought it in a way so that I can maximize my time there. My flight leaves CBUS at 6:20am and then I come back at 3:50pm the day before I need to be at OWU. woohoooo!!!

Ok, anyway. This Friday is one of my co-workers (Juan) birthday and we are going to a dance club in Columbus to celebrate. I bought this tight red dress that I have been wanting to wear for god knows HOW long, and I plan to wear it there. We'll see. It's all salads and watermelon from here on out... aka one day. Great planning Sarah. Well at least maybe I can lay out after work and get semi-tan. That might help the situation. Probably not...

I've become obsessed with watches lately. Like, I notice them WAY more than I ever did before. I think it's because my mom just bought the one that Sandra Bullock wears in the blindside (well, one like it. She didn't buy the $20,000 Chanel one she was ACTUALLY wearing). Therefore, with Moms new purchase I gained her old watch which I have drooled over for God knows how long. I keep going into stores and noticing their watch collection. Is it obsession? Yes. Should I buy another watch? No. Will I? No. I need to refrain. I'm going to be in Leon, GTO and we allllllllll know I can't resist a good pair of shoes. Lets be honest.

Working this summer has been enjoyable. I have learned a lot from both jobs, mainly more about the Hispanic population in Columbus. I also really like the fact that I can use my Spanish all the time. I feel myself getting better and better each day (with a few minor grammatical things to fix). I definitely don't have any problem arguing my point quickly or having a conversation, it's just sometimes I wish I knew the ACTUAL word off the top of my head instead of trying to describe my way around it. Oh well, whatever.

So I have recently taken a new liking to my twitter account. Maybe it's the fact that I stare at a computer screen FOREVER or maybe it's the fact that I am not texting as much. Maybe the end result is a combination of the two. Nevertheless, I am twittering like nobody's business (well, like one or two a day... but for me thats a lot!).

I can't believe this whole Lindsay Lohan thing going on right now. Did she REALLY think it was ok to write "fuck you" on her nails for the court room. IDIOT! And now she thinks she can get out of her jail sentance, which is ridiculous. Girl, you had more chances than the average joe would have, and you deserve everything you're about to get. Trust me, I'm a hugeeeee fan, but I know when wrong is wrong!

And Enrique Iglesias has a new CD with beautiful promotional pictures and interviews and magazine covers and pictures of his beautiful face and beautiful body and wonderful voice and... oh I got sidetracked. Well, on that note, peace!

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  1. you HAVE to visit my family too! I already told Norma that you guys are coming! Glad you're enjoying Enrique too, after all we are groupies!