How about we stop talking in ebonics all the time. Fucking use ENGLISH! Naw mean?

Ok but on a serious note, Check out this video right hereeeee!!!!!! My friend Jane and I made this video sophomore year while we were bored in my dorm room. We are really cool, I swear. It's more or less a video of us dancing around while filming ourselves with my (at that time) new mac-computer. Oh sophomore year, how I miss you.

So I don't know if I had mentioned this yet or not but I am playing golf at my college this coming Fall/Spring. I am really excited about it, seeing as how its a new program and I am not really all that great at both technique and play. Nonetheless I am anxious to get out and do something new for a change. It'll be fun and refreshing I think. And it'll get me out to be active and walk a course every day. That's the good part I guess. I need to get some clothing, and all the clothing I look at online is HELLA expensive. Blah. Whatevs. Maybe I can con mom or dad into getting me some? What do you think?

Thats what i've got today. Check back later I suppose.

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  1. AHAHA I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!! Nice rant about ebonics right off the bat lol, tell me how you really feel! And how many of the 42 views on that video are yours? lol hilarious

    I play golf too! Let's play sometime!