the new Marc Jacobs fall collection in its entirety, please. Ughhh. I seriously have an obsession with Marc Jacobs. He just is so sheek, clean, and a little bit punk rebel on the side. I also love the daisy perfume of his, and wear it pretty much every day. It's clean and fresh, and doesn't make you smell like a small prostitute anytime someone gets a big whiff.

Anyway, I need to go shopping before Mexico. I need some nice cool outfits that are clean and classy but cool enough that I won't die in the heat. I am so excited to go back! Ah! I can't even wait!! Perhaps I'll get something from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line to take with? Ha.

I am also shopping around for a cool pair of motorcycle boots. I really want them because just by wearing them I can take whatever I happen to be wearing and make it a little more punk than it is already. I need to get out of this JCrew goodie goodie look I have going on in my closet right now. It's boring! I need more hippie. I need more rebel. I need to stop listening to so much Courtney Love is what I really need to do.

I wish I didn't have to work literally every second. I am going to work tonight for Sylvie and the on Sunday for her as well which means no relaxing nights for a few weeks. Is it bad that I just want to sit on the couch, watch some television and pass out? Ugh. In my dreams, huh? Hence why I can't wait to start back to school. Although the work load won't lighten up, I will get to see all my friends again. Working all the time kinda prohibits me from seeing my Powell-ites -- not like they're in town anyway. Meh.

Geras has a cell phone again. It sure did take him long enough. I can't explain how annoying it's been to not see him and to not be able to talk to him when I want to. Now I get to call him when I'm off work and he always makes the time to talk to me. That's the nicest part about him, I think. No matter what he's doing, he always gives me ten minutes if not a lot more.

I have really been missing my days in Mexico a lot lately. I think about my friends that I have there and that I made there and get kinda depressed. Also, the stress is a lot lower and the fun amounts are a lot higher. There's always something new to do and somewhere new to explore. I wanna travel the whole country for like two years and just GO places. I want to see the big cities and the small towns, both north and south. I want to know the difference between northern and southern cooking techniques not because I have tried the food, but because I have made it with the natives and seen the process. I also want to enjoy life while I'm young, because who knows, it might not last all that long.

But then there's also Europe! And Asia! And Africa! And Central/South America! And Canada (yes, I've still yet to go to Canada). I just wanna travel travel travel travel!!!

But to do so I need to be a billionaire... oh well.

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  1. I promise that I'll be your travel buddy because I want to do the same as you :)