Gotta throw the shout outs back where some shout outs are due! Jourie dedicated a section of her blog to me (saying I am the only one who reads it) which is probably true because I think she is the only one who reads mine. Well, at least we keep eachother entertained and a bit more up to date.

I just got an email from one of my professors about the books I need for class. We begin August 23, which is weird because I feel like a lot of my schooling has begun on the date August 23rd. Maybe I am just weirding myself out or something? I can't believe we start so soon though. I need to get stuff together for DG, and CLASSES, and everything. I don't even have any clothing up in the house up in Delaware. The only thing I have up there is some junk, my bed, and my painted purple walls. But CLASSES?! Already?! I feel like I just got out of them! Aw, man!

I still have my stitches in my head. I need to take them out ASAP but I never really have time to run into Urgent Care and when I do have the time I always feel too lazy. ha Story of my LIFE!

I am looking at Twitter right now and the trending topics include : #thenexttimewehavesex, which is immediately followed by #youlostmyrespect. We must have a lot of pissed of cheaters or minuteman on our hands, but maybe they should realize that it's not something to TEXT about. Literally. Some people "tweet" anything and everything. I don't need to know what boy your sleeping with tonight, or the full lyrics to a stupid rap song, or what you ate for lunch. Unless it really is interesting, please don't waste my time. I also hate the people that literally fill up your home page. Like, find something else to do. If you "tweet" more than 5 posts in the same hour and you're not in the middle of some huge protest or event, then you have a problem. And I would prefer you take your problem somewhere else, because I am tired of dealing with it. Thank you.

I have been trying to eat healthy, which is hard. Literally I LIVE at Panera lately, eating their black bean soup more than I probably need to, but I am afraid of any other restaurants because I know I will eat shit if I go to them. I work in a Mexican Restaurant and it is the hardest thing to restrain myself from Margaritas and Cheese Dip! Ugh! I also found this web entry on Cosmopolitan.com that tells you about foods that you think are good for you and actually aren't. Ugh. F my life. Eating super healthily is EXPENSIVE too. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ridiculous in comparison to the price of a full meal at McDonalds. That's why everyone is so overweight. I also gained a little bit after Mexico from mere depression and separation anxiety. Need to get that off, and I am determined! Eff.

Alright blog, I'm out!

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