The Job Hunt

Well friends and family, I'm officially on the hunt for a full-time job. And the hunt started a couple weeks ago, but is in full swing after I take my Foreign Service Officer Test this Saturday. Man, this is a process. I am exploring options all over the map right now, from University and Private Sector Business Development, Fundraising and Marketing to more Governmental focused jobs, to Non-Profit work. So far I have received a few job offers, unfortunately nothing that matched with what I am really interested in. Hopefully here in the next couple weeks I will have a more solid idea of what's next for me. Election day is coming up, which means soon there will not be any more campaign work. I still do have the bartending gig at night, I guess until I find something stable. And while I have been doing some volunteer work to gain more experiences with a couple organizations during this time, the uncertain thoughts about my future are beginning to give me some anxiety.

I think most people who know me, know I always have a plan. I am usually saving for some big study-abroad, travel-abroad trip or getting ready to start some cool internship/job. So now it's a little confusing for people when they say "what's next?" and I answer, "I don't know". I am planning on applying to law schools this fall, and I still have a spot at the Universidad de Salamanca next year should I decide to take it. Also, we're going to see how far I can get with this State Department stuff. But for right now, I don't know. Genuinely. And for the people who know me well, that seems to be an odd answer from me.

People keep asking me, "do you want to live in Ohio"? And I keep saying "I don't really care". I could live in Ohio and be happy, hell I'd probably save some money if I lived at home. But I do realize that most of the big job opportunities fall into bigger cities, and honestly, I could see myself being happy there as well. I know I am hard working, so I'm not too scared about what's to come and where I end up. I know i'll be fine and get myself to where I need to be. It's just this whole not knowing process takes a lot out of a person!

...and, friends and family, that's where I am right now.


The battle of the Ohio Governors- who did better?

Last night was the first evening of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. And as expected, it was filled with excitement and all kinds of speakers, making their cases for why the United States should elect Barack Obama as their President for the next four years. This is all coming after the Republicans had their convention in Tampa last week.

This election is all about keeping supporter states strong and battling it out for those battleground states. According to CNN.com, the battleground states are Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. At both conventions, my home state of Ohio was represented. After all, no Republican candidate has ever won an election without winning Ohio. And as an Ohio native, and lover of politics, I am thrilled to get the attention (while I know many people are not). Both Governor Kasich and former Governor Strickland were able to represent Ohio at their respective political parties convention. 

So, who did better? 

Governor Kasich's Speech at the RNC 2012

Former Governor Strickland's Speech at the DNC 2012

Openly I admit, I am a strong Obama supporter and would obviously side with former Governor Strickland. The automobile industry is due to the President's initiative and without it, Ohio could be 800,000 jobs down. Not only was the former Governor explosive and had sound-bite after sound-bite, but he was so good that he inspired a new twitter handle. @outsourcedelf. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out here.

But I have to admit, Kasich held his own. And although I'm not an avid fan of the man, I will admit, he did what he was sent to do. 

However, I would say, if it comes down to who's speech will be remembered the next time the Conventions roll around, I have to give the prize to former Governor Strickland. 

And if you don't have a twitter account, you might want to get one. It's been addicting and fun just to see what people come up with while watching these conventions. 


Election Life

Well, the elections are heating up! And as you all know, when there's political action, I am right there in the middle of it!

I have been working on President Obama's re-election campaign for the past four months and have really been enjoying the experience. As a summer fellow, and now just a Powell volunteer, I have seen all kinds of aspects of grassroots organizing and have met all different types of people. There actually are a lot of democrats in Powell, Ohio. Who knew?!

Photo from Westerville Rally with Michelle Obama

This past Monday we had our Powell office opening, which I gave a short speech at. Basically I highlighted a million reasons why I support our President in this election, and gave some reasons why the people at the office opening should volunteer with our campaign. It seems to have been a success! There were around 100 people there, and many of them signed up to get involved. So great!

Cookies I made for the Office Opening

As a young volunteer, I have seen the issues coming up in this campaign. Young people, WE HAVE TO VOTE! This idea of "Ron Paul didn't get the nomination, so I'm not voting" is total BS! Where has this come from? Is this some kind of hipster ideology that's running around college campuses and hip downtown bars? We are the backbone of this nation! We have a voice, and for some reason, are not entirely motivated as a collective generation to exercise this right. Why? Don't we want aid for college and graduate school? Don't people like having healthcare, and being able to comfortably (somewhat) ease into that first job, without the worry of being unable to go to the doctor when we are ill? This to me is insane! Young people, VOTE!!! If you don't vote, you don't have a right to complain. Educate yourselves on the issues and candidates. Apathy gets you nowhere.

Happy 87th  Grandma!

...and on that note, I am going to my Grandma's 87th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Grandma Juney!


Well I did it again...

I neglected my poor little lonely blog yet again!

So I guess now is where I briefly catch everyone up.

Well, I went to Spain and Morocco, and now I'm back. It was awesome. Here's some photos to show how awesome it was.

Douna, her friends and I

Getting Henna in Morocco

Jim and I at the Kings old castle in Meknes, Morocco

Jim in the plaza mayor of Meknes 
CODM (Meknes) against Ivory Coast

Party in Salamanca

Brandon Cannon everyone


Bestie, Darren, Mel and I


Milena's Italian/Mexican friends

Soccer all the timeeeee

Meknes, Morocco - Street Caption

Milena and I

And then I came back, my boyfriend in Spain broke up with me because he couldn't get a Visa for the U.S.A., so I got a new boyfriend. His name is Hasan, and he is awesome. Here are some pictures that show how awesome he is.

And I have been working on the Obama campaign and still working at El V's a couple nights a week. I am beginning my job search as we speak, in fact, I just finished a couple applications. I am also just enjoying this awkward time in my life, trying to hang out with friends and family whenever I can and looking for that next big thing.

So now that we're all caught up, let's see how long it takes me to fall off the blogging-wagon again...


A whole year of being Michael Jordan's number --- i'm 23

Yes. You heard right. I have nothing more to look forward to on birthdays besides being able to rent a car (at 25) and then my over the hill party (at 50). Joy. 

But, to celebrate this past birthday I had some interesting moments.

My family and I went out for a nice dinner on Friday night at Buca di Beppo to celebrate both my mom and I's birthdays, since we both worked on our special days. After rounds and rounds of food (bruschetta, salad, spaghetti, penne, chicken marsala, and chocolate cake) we probably gained five pounds of birthday weight. Oh well! 

Then on Saturday everyone at Vaqueros celebrated my birthday. Alejandra and Selina bought me a birthday crown and a ribbon that they made me wear all night. This was before I got pied all over by the staff in the restaurant with whipped cream -- a little tradition in the restaurant. Although usually not EVERYONE participates, which they did for me. Then they all sang me a little birthday song in Spanish which was very nice. However, my favorite part of the night was when Rivas gave me a bouquet of birthday roses. 

After being pied with whipped cream I washed out somewhat in the sink and headed to BW3's, my favorite wing joint, with Meredith, Erin, Jane, Kevin and Joe, as well as Mariano and Lalo. They had all come to visit me at work and decided to go out for a couple drinks afterward. 

The next morning was my actual birthday. Ugh. I woke up for the early morning brunch shift at MTM and worked all day. Work on your birthday really sucks. That night I only worked a couple hours though at Vaquero's because it was the super bowl and we didn't have too many customers. So, I packed up and went home, only to sit on the couch and watch the game and Madonna with the fam. It actually was a great game! 

And, now I am old. 


Powell restaurant treasures

So tonight I went out with my parents to two delicious italian restaurants. The first place is a little local named Mama Zarella's. While I have seen this place many a time, I have never gone inside. Man oh man am I sad at the time I have lost enjoying that delicious baked ziti! Soooo good and oh so cheesy!

Mom and Dad at dinner

And the kitchen of the restaurant might actually be smaller than the kitchen of ours at home. There was one server and one cook, and thats it. But the food was absolutely to die for!

After dinner we went across the street to a place called Brooklyn pizza for some canolis. To. Die. For!

So if anyone is looking for a good restaurant, both are a wonderful choice. Plus it's always nice to support a small local mom and pop restaurant, right?

I love Powell!

Chocolate Chip Canolis 


to iphone or not to iphone

Well purple blackberry, we've had a good run. You lasted me numerous text messages, important calls and embarassing tweets, but I think it's time we break up. 

Now the question is, do I really want an iphone? Can I really deal with touch screen, ALL the TIME? 

And then, most importantly, can I find a case that I like enough to justify buying the actual phone. 

I shop for phones like a girl, I swear.