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Well, I am all moved into my new house. Dad and I painted the walls dark purple, and although it's hot as balls up there (due to summer), it's quite pleasant on the eyes. We couldn't get the bed frame upstairs so we had to break it and reassemble it upstairs. Don't worry, all we had to do was knock out one board and then re-nail it. The room looks good. All I need to do now is move my stuff in (such as clothing, dishes, laundry stuff, etc. etc.).

I am getting so anxious about next year. I just kinda wish I knew what I was going to be doing, but I don't, and won't, for a very long time. Who knows?! Next year I might be doing something COMPLETELY different from what I ever imagined. Or I might be getting ready to sit in my classes at law school. Teaching in Mexico? Why not?! I am young, and all I want to do is travel and explore! Is that so bad Mom and Dad? I have my whole life to settle down. And when I do it will be in a BIG city, because this suburb, drive to work everyday thing is really not for me. I don't even like cars, and the fact that you have to pay for gas what you should on clothes really bugs me. City life makes much more sense :)

I have become addicted to stumbleupon.com, but for some reason for the past few days this computer has been kicking me off the internet every so often. It's getting quite annoying. In fact, it did it to me the first time I wrote this blog. Therefore, I will probably forget a lot of what I wrote and wanted to say the first time around. So is this considered a re-write? Whatever.

A few days ago it was the fourth of July, which was a great time. I missed Red White and Boom this year in Columbus because I was working all night long at El Vaquero. But, I did go out in Columbus after with Brigette to see her boyfriend and his band play at the Scarlet and Grey cafe down at OSU. On Sunday (the actual fourth) I went to my house in Delaware and had a few girl friends over. We went down by the softball fields to watch the fireworks go off, and had a pretty relaxing chill night. I stay ed there and came back in the morning to get ready for work Monday night. This week at work has been crazy. I am making pretty good money, but sometimes feel like I am running around with my head cut off. Oh well, it's the life of a solo bartender in a busy restaurant I suppose.

I keep looking on Facebook and stalking all my worldly friends adventures. I am so jealous because so many of them are all over Europe right now. I am stuck in a two-job model life, right here in the suburbs of Columbus, OH. Joyous. I have also decided that I am no longer going to buy as much shit, mainly because I already have a ton of shit, and the shit I have keeps piling up. It's annoying me. I need to sell it, donate it, or trash it. Seriously, if you saw my room you would understand my problem with SHIT. I might as well be on that show hoarders, although I have never seen it. But from what I hear I would be a great candidate for it. I need to sell the stuff I can and get money so I can buy the new stuff I want. You look at Carrie Bradshaws closet and room and its clean with lots of stuff, but useful stuff. Mine is ALL SHIT.

Well, that's what I have got for today. Toodles!

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