long time no post

I haven't had the time nor the energy to post on this blog for a long time, so here are my "welcome back announcements".

I have decided what I am going to do in terms of school next year (and post-graduation life). I plan to apply to law school, take the LSAT, and try my best to get into the best possible school I can. Among this list is a lofty U.C.-Berkeley and Michigan Law Schools. I also plan to apply to "lower-tier" schools and just make sure I can get into them. If I don't get accepted into a top notch law school, I am going to teach in Mexico for one year so I have something else to put on an application. I can either try again, or defer one of the offers I plan to have. Now, if I don't get accepted ANYWHERE, well, it was a waste of time and I'll just go be poor in Mexico where I belong :)

So, yeah, that's the plan as of now.

This past weekend my Credit/Debit Card number was stolen and a large sum of money was taken from my account and used. They bought stuff from "Microsoft *X" and stuff from some gadget store in New York. We will see if I can get my money back on those items.

I did however spend even more money this weekend. I went to Urban Outfitters, bought a red dress, a tan cardigan (typical), and a new fedora hat. I also bought a headband at Forever21 and a new thing of eye shadow (THAT SUCKS!). I then proceeded to buy my bedspread at Anthropologie for my new house. Gonna make it sweet with some tea-lights and brightly colored, worldly things. I love Anthropologie in every way, because their stuff is classic, well made, and is totally my style. I should probably get a job there, huh? It might save me some money in the long run!

This past Friday was also Geras' birthday. I am very sad I couldn't have been there to celebrate with him, but he stayed with his sister, and I believe had a good time. Saturday night he hung out with some friends, so I think it was a successful weekend. This weekend I had a lot of fun, went dancing, and just kind of relaxed. Yesterday I went to Comfest with my family, which was a good time. I still need to paint my room and get my house set up in Delaware, but that'll have to come later I suppose.

Oh well, end of story time.


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  1. I just painted our bathroom today, it sucks painting...and i also started my new blog =]