Got the "Menchies"?!

So this past summer I discovered a little place called Menchies Frozen Yogurt over in nearby Dublin. Let me tell you, this place is absolutely delicious. I promise that if you discover it as well, you will love it too! It's even reasonably priced! As a lifetime ice cream lover, I have recently made the switch to frozen yogurt (or as many friends say, fro yo) in order to save some unnecessarily wasted calories (it actually saves a lot!). My parents turned me on to Menchies at the beginning of summer, and lately I have found myself absolutely craving it! My favorite flavors are pretty much everything Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and the Cake Batter. I then load it up with tons and tons of raspberries, and a light layer of oreo crumbs. Delicious!

Has anyone else been there and fallen in love with fro yo? 

If you haven't, get your butt to Dublin and taste it! Find their website: here! 

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