the hard work has paid off

We got seven BEAUTIFUL new members for Delta Gamma, all of whom we competed for! I couldn't be happier! Finally, fall recruitment for the most part is over and accomplished. The girls we took are all super sweet too! I think they're all really excited about joining Delta Gamma and becoming part of the sisterhood. I don't know how to describe my sorority, I am just so glad I have it. It's one of those things, from the outside looking in you will never see what all it provides for you. I love it! I am so happy with everything that's going on right now. I am also happy that I am getting to know girls I didn't know well before on a different level. I think it's fun that I feel more connected to my house. This is even though I am playing a Varsity sport and not going out every weekend night in order to study for the LSAT. Now I need to look forward to Spring Recruitment, which is hella stressful and is going to wear me outtt!!!

Lately I have been setting my sights on all kinds of new stuff. There's a really cute boy on this campus who I embarassed myself in front of the other day. Basically I drunkenly convinced my friend to text him and he knew it was coming from me eventually. Then today all day every time he saw me he was super chatty and smiling. GOOD SIGN?! PLEASE?!?! He's literally SOOO hott. You don't even understand. Ugh this blog is starting to sound a little fratty but I don't care. If only you knew who I was talking about, then you'd understand!

My friends and I decided we should be on a true life called i'm embarassing, because it's really an every day occurrence. Therefore, I put my facebook album title as that. HA!

AND SPEAKING OF FACEBOOK --- I really want to go see that movie The Social Network because Perez Hilton's blog said it was good, and I wanted to see it even before that. Especially because of my love of facebook.

Had my first practice LSAT this past Saturday. I think I am doing ok on the logic part. I need to work on the reading comprehension and the reading logic stuff, because that's where I could REALLY pick up my score!! :)

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