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Well, since I couldn't think of a better title I decided to stick with that one.

I was flipping through a certain social network site I used to use and laughed at all the ridiculous things that have happened to me. I decided I need to write them all down again. Thus, this blog was created. I decided I would highlight what had happened to me since my last posting, and would outline the miracles and the failures, just so when I read this in 10 years I can find the humor in the situations that at one point seemed to important.

This past weekend my friend Jack Waas came to visit me at OWU. The plan was to have a fun weekend, without any drama, and for Saturday to be the big formal. Of course, my life can never be simple. Friday night we had a party with the Phi-Psi's at 180 W. Williams, where I decided I would take it slow because the following night was formal and I wanted to reserve some energy. Long story short we ended up following the crowd to Clancey's Irish Pub in downtown Delaware, OH, for $5 all you can drink beer night. Jack and I were having a good time until one large townie lady came up to me and him and told us to "move" in a rather not so nice manner. Later she came back and got into a little argument match with me, fueled by everyone else around us. She spit on me and when I told her I didn't want her herpes, she pushed me into the corner of the bar booth where I hit my head on the wood. Long story short I was bleeding and had to get stitches the next morning. One kid from my University managed to get the whole thing on video... the fact that it is on video is kind of odd. What was he doing video taping us? Oh, well. What a weekend. Formal was a little slow for me, considering I was having massive headaches and couldn't feel anything. Poor Jack. Coming the weekend I get owned is probably not ideal situation. It was still fun though, and it was good seeing Jack again! Hopefully Jack, Jourie, and I can get together again soon.

On Monday I went to class as usual and had two different interviews. The first one was for a StAP position in the Development and Alumni office. I got the job, not only because I am the best person on campus to do it, but also because I was the only one to apply. ha. The second interview is for a job to do some calling for a survey for the Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I had to do a Spanish speaking interview with one of the professors in the Econ Dept. here at OWU who is a native of Peru. He said I did well and he would recommend me to Professor Simon for the position. Hopefully I get it.

Today my class was cancelled. I went to work for 4 hours in the Phone-a-thon, where I spent 4 hours getting one unspecified pledge and one pledge of $250. That was all.

I called the Delaware County Police, specifically Officer Dave Sturman, about pressing charges on the girl who slammed me. He said he doesn't think the prosecutor will even look at it. I still insisted he see it, and emailed it to him. We'll see what comes of it I guess.

Fail of my life #1: Getting owned by a townie
Miracle of my life #1: Someone telling me I am actually good at speaking Spanish

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