contd. Thursday

So I just got off the phone with my Mexican mother. It was nice talking to her. She told me about how Carla got pregnant again but lost the baby and how she has internet now in the house. I shared with her a little bit of what is going on in my life. She made a comment how I left the other half of my heart in Guanajuato, and she couldn't be more right. That fits in so many aspects. Ohio sucks, it just does. Don't try to defend it. Hey, I'm from here too! The people are fun, and there's a few cool things, but overall it sucks. As does most places, but central Ohio is nothing as cool as Mexico. And I am referring to the whole country.

I went to my recruitment meeting that apparently was cancelled. I also went to a meeting for the PG board, which I got elected to surprisingly. They were nothing exciting. Maybe tomorrow something more will happen --- actually I know it will. Tomorrow is Spring Fest here at OWU. There will be Broken Social Scene, Milkman, and Ghost Face Killer (from the Wu Tang Clan). It should be pretty good. I got my ticket for $6 instead of $10 because I picked out of the discount bag and got $4 off. Right on.

Still trying to figure out how I can make that money situation work for this summer. I am going damn it!!!

Fail of my life #3: went to a meeting that didn't exist
Miracle of my life #3: my mexican mom remembered me and actually wanted to hold a half hour conversation

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  1. *Like* for calling Yola!

    I really feel like your life is more interesting in Ohio than mine is in Mexico...