Spring Fest Day

Today has been not so hot. I found out I didn't get the $2,000 paying job I applied for but then she recommended me to apply for yet another grant I can get denied from. Great. I find out at the end of this month that I get denied from that. I've given up hope on that one, because you have to be an ECON major to get it, which I am not. I also got denied from the grant from my school that my teacher was sure I was going to get. It's not been a good month, and I've pretty much given up all hope on educational grants because they tend to go to less qualified people who have better connections. Welcome to the real world.

Tonight is Spring Fest, and I hope this brings up my mood a little bit.

I can't go out tomorrow night due to the intense amounts of studying/reading I have to do. Two books to read and write papers on, one Spanish story to read and write a paper on, and another set of Latin American Geography articles to read and analyze. Not to mention that next week I have two presentations to be doing and presenting. God I hate my life! Hence another reason why I need to GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I GO INSANE!!!

Well that was a negative post.

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