much time has been lost

but it's all be lost to studying.

That's right. It's exam week! Yaaay! Well at least I am almost done with my Latin American Geographies paper that is due tomorrow and am starting to study for the Latin American History test I have tomorrow at 1:30. After that I only have a Mexican History test on Thursday afternoon and I am completely finished! YAY!!! Next week I will be working Alumni Weekend and will hopefully be accumulating some money. I seriously need the paychecks!
Today I got an email from Professor Simon saying that the Chamber was looking for an intern that gets 30 hours a week and get's paid over minimum wage. That's awesome and a perfect resume builder! Of course I applied, so we'll see if I get it.
My resume is so random. I have experience in all types of things, and will only increase my broad range of activities this summer. I have an internship all of next year in University Development and have worked on phone soliciting (for the OWU Annual Fund), campaigns (Obama), and with lawyers. I am excited though, because hopefully I am opening a lot of doors for myself.
Today is the day that Geras' mother died. He is really emotional today, although he won't admit it. I feel really bad because I can't do or say anything that will be helpful besides "I'm here if you need to talk". He feels bad too because I guess his dad is really sick and dying down in Chiapas and he can't get down there. It's just a really sad situation.
Ah, back to studying.... slash watching the new Gossip Girl really fast.

Miracle of my life #6: I AM ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL
Fail of my life #6: I still have to go to the dentist twice to get this stupid crown put back on.

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