I got an internship this summer with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Columbus. I am very excited. I go in on Friday to discuss everything with them and talk about how to start getting my application finished so I can get the government pay. And also my dad signed the lease for our house next year. This is so it's technically his house, not mine. I can live wherever he owns!
Anyway, something really stupid happened to me and I am glad I can record this somewhere to remember forever. I went to my exam today at 1:30, and had been sitting in the room studying for the past hour until I realized everyone was coming in that was in my Mexican class. I thought my Latin American History class exam was today, but actually it is tomorrow. My Mexican history class is today. I got them confused because they're by the same teacher in the same room, and therefore got the dates all mixed up. I got really upset and went into my teachers office almost bursting out tears. He told me it was fine and I could do the tests the way I studied them. Thank god for nice professors. Otherwise, I would have been screwed!

Needless to say today has been very interesting.

Miracle of my life #7: Got the internship! :)
Failure of my life #7: Cried in front of a professor

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