Sitting in the dorm room waiting to go to lunch with Dad before I start my shift for Alumni Weekend. This morning the cleaning ladies woke me up, again, screaming outside my door at 7am about how there is someone in room 409 and how they didn't know whether or not we are supposed to be here. NEWS FLASH. WE ARE! Annoying. Anyway, last night Geras and I finally broke it off for good and I am pretty sure he threw his phone into a toilet or a lake or something because he said he was going to and it's off. It sucks right now but it really is for the better. I can't just uproot and live there for another 7 or so years! And he is making no effort to get here, so it just can't be. Oh well, sometimes that's how life is. I heard this quote "sometimes good things fall apart so even better things can come together", and that's pretty much what is getting me through the day.
I hope I work and stay busy all summer to avoid being upset and sad. I need to be busy/around people, but seeing as how the situation is NOT that right now... I don't know what I should do.

I don't feel like doing that ranking thing right now.

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