haven't written in a while

So since I am thinking about it I decided to do it.

Actually, right now I am procrastinating writing my paper on Socrates. F.

School has started and I can't imagine and accept that I am finally a senior. It just doesn't seem right to be here without all the seniors from last year. I am playing golf, which is fun and interesting, but definitely challenging. I am not very good, granted that I have never played before. However, today I went out and played nine holes and got two boogey's so I guess that's ok, right? I don't even know. We learn rules on Saturday morning, so that will probably help me out a lot in just generally understanding the game. Then we are having team lunch and a movie--- yay team bonding! Tonight I had student judicial training followed by dinner with my little. After both of those things I had to go to the All-Athlete meeting in Grey Chapel. I think Dad is getting better at his public speaking and speaking in front of groups. So... props!

My classes are fun, but they are definitely a lot of reading. In my spanish class we have about a million pages a night of novels to read. Man!

Well I should stop procrastinating. More to come later...

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