some people are SO rude

Some people are literally SO RUDE! At work today a lady from a place I won't mention online called and asked to purchase an item we are selling here. She gave me her name and company and asked if this was the right place to do so. I said "yes it is" and began to search through my files to find paper to write her information down on, and she literally FLIPPED out on me and was like "is this a bad time? You know what, never mind. Sorry to have bugged you, go to hell", and hung up. UGH! The nerve of some people. Literally, I said nothing bad... what a bitch.

So today I picked up my computer from the Apple store. The guy there was so nice. He gave me all new internal parts (including a new hard-drive and the other things that are inside... I don't know) all for free. HOW GREAT?! Why you ask?! Because I am awesome... and I waited in the store patiently for about 2 hours while the other customers were bitching about time. Whatever, pays to be patient sometimes. Plus I didn't really have anywhere else I needed to be at that time.

I feel really itchy today? Is it something I ate? I don't like it. I wanna crawl back into bed right now and sleep. Oh! That reminds me. Last night was an insane thunder storm in Powell. I seriously woke up at one point and thought there had been an earthquake. Then I got on facebook this morning and saw that nearly everyone and their brother had commented on it. Good then, it's not just me!

Last night at Vaquero's I made $60 in TIP from ONE GUY. He came in, picked up the tab from some customers at the bar, and bought a shot of Patron for every worker in the restaurant. WHAT THE?! His lady he was with also told me I made one hell of a margarita, so that made me feel pretty good I guess. :)

Yeah, that's what I've got today.

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