prop 8 overturned and the arizona issue frozen

So maybe there is hope afterall?

First of all, Prop 8, I can't believe you were even an issue! I can't believe people ACTUALLY think it's ok to tell someone who they can and can't marry. Like, I understand there are people with different religious beliefs on what they believe is right or wrong, but THINK ABOUT IT LEGALLY. You just can't do that! I seriously am flabbergasted this was even an issue to discuss. Why is America so damn homophobic? Get over it.

And secondly, the Arizona issue... seriously I can't even get into that or I'll get super mad.

Anyway, solamente falta 3 dias hasta Guanajuato! I am so excited to finally be returning! I guess Geras' friends Iram and Rafa that I met in Tampico are going to drive and pick me up from the Airport so I don't have to pay a taxi. That's seriously so helpful and stress reliving. :) yay! We are going Saturday to Leon to visit Geras' sister and her family. I am excited, as we are going to stay the night there and enjoy dinner and such. I think Iram and Rafa might be coming with us! It'll be fun none-the-less. I told Geras that I wanted to go to the hot springs, but we'll see if we ever get around to doing so. At least I get to see some other friends there as well. I guess Geras has become better friends with Arturo from the store, which is sort of creepy, but he gives him free toilet paper so Geras likes it. Haha

I got a purple blackberry since the last time I posted on here. It's pretty fantastic. I wonder if there is a blogger application on there so that I can post directly from the phone. That would be awesome, although I suppose I could just use my internet browser to do that. I like all the applications, and the BBM is pretty cool although I don't think I understand all of it completely.

I am still lusting over the Marc Jacobs watch. If I make good money this week, I'll let myself get it.

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