Earthquakes, working, hair coloring and packing

In a nutshell that sums up what has happened recently. 

Well, that plus taking care of my mother. 

Mom and her pink cast at work

The past week or so I haven't posted much because, honestly, there hasn't been all that much to say. I was at home taking care of Mom, who didn't leave the house for almost a week, or I was at work. That's all. Well, there was one night of going out with friends and then another of a going away party that some people from Vaquero's had for me, but other than that, nothing. 

This week has been a little more eventful, however. Besides working at Vaquero's, I have been taking Mom to work at the Statehouse and have been looking around for some cute shirts to take to Spain. No luck on the latter. But I did have a hair appointment today! So that's eventful. I went a little darker with the color, but only because I made all my hair the exact same color, something that hasn't been done in a very long time (if ever). 

Showing off the new "all brown" hair color 
Next I need a tan to help my pasty white skin become more "Spaniard-friendly".  I'm hoping to be able to go to the pool one of these days, but it seems like I'm always being called to do something and never really have the time. Maybe that will change at the end of this week? Who knows. But probably not.

I still have a lot of laundry to do in order to finish up some of my packing. I should probably get started on that right this minute, but I'm not. Sue me.

Everyone at OWU has started back to school, which makes me feel like an old fart because I know I will never be going back with them. That sucks.

I have been wasting a lot of time on my tumblr account, which is pretty much a collection of pictures that I re-blog from other people. These pictures are things I like, things I find interesting or things I find inspiring. There's nothing really to it other than I press "re-blog" and wham! pictures are posted on my page. It's like a lazy version of doing this blog.

I have also been making a lot of latin music playlists. I'm sure some of my favorite lists will be featured on here soon so you can see what I mean. I have been doing this in order to get in the "spirit" of the spanish language. Because, you know, I was ever out of that spirit...

There was a earthquake in Virginia today, and apparently the aftershocks have been felt all over the East coast and even here in Central Ohio! I didn't notice anything, but then again, I was driving most of the time and probably wouldn't have. Some people down at the Statehouse said they felt it on the third floor, and my Facebook news-feed is full of people talking about the event. Apparently they've evacuated a lot of buildings in D.C. and NYC in order to protect people against aftershocks, but from what I can tell, everyone is safe. This earthquake is big news, especially since there is also a hurricane heading right for the East Coast as well --- hello hurricane Irene.

And, that's the updates for now! Sorry I haven't been more eventful.

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