babys going away!

So my boss at work, Alfedo (who many people call, "Baby") and his brother Ramon are taking their families and heading down toward Guadalajara. I will really miss them, and know that El Vaquero will be making some changes now that they're gone. However, nothing will be as sad as when I leave for Spain (jokes jokes! I'll be back when I finish in December and still can't find a job, I'm sure). All jokes aside, our new manager, David, is very nice and I am sure will do a great job running the restaurant. I finally uploaded the pictures from the huge going away party on my facebook, and so I decided to at least dedicate a small post to them on here in appreciation for all they've done for us at Vaquero's. 

...and if all this fun doesn't excite you enough to come in and grab a margarita, or two, or three, at Vaquero's, then maybe this super attractive picture of the bartenders will (minus the sweaty one): 

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