Jack engaging in the "typical activity"
So last week I went to Chicago in order to get my Spanish visa, which is good I guess. I also didn't get delayed at all, unlike the three hour one of last trip, which is also good I guess. I arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday and from there went to Jack's house, where we hung out and I took a little nap. And by little, I mean like two hours. After waking up and getting somewhat ready, Jack and I headed downtown in order to meet up with one of my friends from high school, Sam. Sam showed us his amazing engagement ring, which he has already given to his soon to be wife. Exciting! He also took us out to his work-friends' happy hour for a drink, and then back to his favorite hangout spot at the Seneca Hotel-- where literally everyone knows his name. We partied until we finally went back to his house, watched a TV show or two while drinking Sam's incredibly strong concoction of "god knows what", and passed out on his couch. In the morning Jack and I headed down to Michigan avenue, oh wait, no, Sam lives off Michigan avenue--- swanky mofo. But we did go walk around!

Walking up to Navy Pier

We even took a trip down the river to see Navy Pier, which was amazing but would have been more amazing if it wasn't raining. Oh well! After boring Jack with my obsession with shopping at Anthropologie, we made our way to the Consulate of Spain. I waited in line, maybe 15 minutes, and finally was called up to the front in order to get my Visa. At first the guy told me that he couldn't find it, but after I insisted it had to be there, he finally dug through passport by passport in order to find mine. Of course, it was located somewhere at the bottom of the stack.

Just talking with my friend at Navy Pier
Jack and I  then took our blue line trip back to his house and hung out until Salvador came to pick us up and take us out for the night. Sal was originally going to go to some Mexican baile that had a $40 cover, and was going to take us to the train in order to go out somewhere around Wicker Park, but after Sal decided not to go in, he picked us up and we went over to Juan's house. There we all hung out and drank. When we ran out of beer, we decided to walk down to the gas station to buy a couple more packs. Unfortunately, we were caught in one of the worst thunderstorms of the summer, and waited until Sal came to pick us up in his car before walking back home.
Shy Sal and Omar after having just been in the downpour

We hung out for a little while longer and then called a cab to take us back to Jack's house. The next morning Jack had something to do for this research thing he's doing, so I took the train down to Wicker Park and went shopping. Well, that was my original intention. I actually just ended up walking around the neighborhood, looking at all the little townhomes, and I ran into the Pitchfork Media office of Chicago. Someone was sitting outside it and we chatted for a while, before Jack called me and said that he was ready. So, I found my way back to the Damon stop on the blue line and went to UIC to meet up with him. Jack was tired, so he took a little nap, and then went off to work at around 6. Jack's parents took me to the airport and I was home at last!

...and that was my short two-day Chicago trip.

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