yellers, cake fights, tequila shots, and old frans

So on Friday night I went out to this new Latin Night Club called 20/20 (or maybe it was just Latin Night, who knows). It was pretty cool, but reminded me of my old colosseum days... which is only because it is the old colosseum. You remember, the place we all went to in order to shake our 15 year old shit on Saturday nights, only because we couldn't get into real clubs. Yeah, that place.

Anyway, I decided to go and meet up with some people from work and their friends, only because Liz leaves for Canada on Sunday night and I won't get another chance to do anything with her. It was actually pretty fun. The music changes from Salsa, to Meringue, to Reggaeton. Obviously, there is a huge dance floor filled with people, although last night wasn't so filled that you couldn't more. Thank goodness! The night was totally calm except for this creepy Brazilian man who did not understand the meaning of personal space. Liz took care of that one for me. Some words of advice: if you say the same thing to me more than three times, give up. I can't hear you and probably won't be able to hear you. And, you're just pissing me off by yelling in my ear over and over. 

Finally we left the club, only to get thrown in some massive cake fight with a group of people that were celebrating a birthday. Gross! Liz and I went back to Lalo and Mariano's house, and spent a few hours talking before I said my final goodbye and came home. Solid night. 

Then, the next night I took a lovely trip down to the ever classy-Comfest of Columbus, Ohio. No, Comfest does not stand for communist festival; it means community festival and is basically Columbus' version of hippie-fest. Always an entertainment, this is one of the summer events I most look forward to each and every year! However, this year I didn't get to see too much of it on Saturday night. Brigette and I are thinking of going today, so if that works out, I will get to see everything.

I started my night at the house of my friends and old roomies, Meredith and Christian. From there we waited until Erin and her friend got there, and walked down to Comfest. We got there around 9pm, and after the pizza line, were a little late for pretty much anything. We stopped by Gas Werks in the Arena District, where I got a tequila with lime on the rocks. You know, gotta keep the drinking calories to a minimum. From there we went back to their house and they all decided to turn in early. I don't blame them, they went out the night before. Also, I never go out so I can't say anything.

I left them and went to pick up Brigette from a house that was surprisingly only two streets over from Meredith and Christians' apartments. We met up with my old fran Brett at Ugly Tuna, and after a round of tequila shots, went to a dub-step concert at Skully's. If I gained anything from the tequila, I lost it after two hours of non-stop dancing. The groups were cool; when we first got there it was some random DJ group (one of them looked exactly like Scott Southwick) and after came on some DJ guys dressed with these really creepy robot masks. I didn't even flinch or think that was weird at all. I don't know, this is my life. By that time we were with Brendan and Nick and decided to take the party back to Brett's house, where Adam was stationed, and we hung out for a good hour or two, talking about life. Everyone left/went home and I ended up staying with Brett in the living room, having him tell me "stories" and jokes, until I finally passed out on his couch watching some ridiculous show on the television.

It was good to see a lot of people this weekend. Now that all I do is hide out in a cave, I hardly ever know what's going on in peoples lives besides what I randomly see flash through my mini-feed. It was also nice to run into some good high school friends; it's funny, even if you're apart and don't talk for a long time, you can always find a good friend and feel as if you haven't missed anything. 

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