I hit up the point

...Cedar Point that is.

Yes, that's right. Yesterday I woke up at seven AM only to fight the crowds (which were surprisingly not that bad) and bounce from ride to ride throughout Cedar Point Amusement Park. I went with a couple people from El Vaquero, one of their friends, and my brothers friend Nick, who is living with us for the summer. It was a great time. For those of you that don't know what Cedar Point is, let me explain!

Cedar Point is probably the best thrill-ride amusement park in all the country. I say that after having been multiple times to MANY--  all the Universal Studios in both California and Florida, Disney Land, Disney World, Kings Island, Six Flags, Geauga Lake, Dixie Land, etc. etc.. While I would have to say, the other parks are probably better themed and have more to do than ride coasters, Cedar Point takes the cake for providing for the ultimate thrill seeking experience. Not only does Cedar Point have every type of coaster, but they have all the best "thrill-rides" as well.

We started off our day riding the NEW "Maverick" roller coaster. This one was a great start to our day. The best part of this ride is that it takes little to no time to get to the top, and then you are dropped at a 90 degree angle down to the ground. No lie, 90 degrees. It then takes you barreling through numerous corkscrews, quick turns, and fast paced adventures. Upon finishing this ride, we were ready to begin a day of non-stop thrill seeking.

Maverick Roller Coaster

We then waited in line for the largest and longest wooden coaster at Cedar Point, the Mean Streak, but one train in front of us, the roller coaster broke down. Instead of waiting for what could have been hours, we decided to head up toward the front of the park and hit up the Magnum XL roller coaster. This coaster, build in 1989, has been a huge hit at Cedar Point ever since its initial construction. The coolest part about it is that from the top of the coaster, one can look out over the water and see Canada. So even though I can't say I have ever been to Canada, I've seen it multiple times from afar.

After a number of rides later I was hit by the hunger bug. Unable to wait any longer, I went to one food stand and ordered a $9 basket of shitty chicken fingers and french fries. My, oh my, did those taste GREAT at the time. After munching, the Vaqueros crew told me they were hungry and were going to the car to get the sandwiches we made in order to save money. That plan didn't end up working out so well for me. Instead of going to the car, due to our already full stomachs and hunger for more thrill, Nick and I waited the hour long line for the Millennium Force. This coaster, world famous, is the tallest continual roller coaster ride in all the park. Many other theme parks don't have anything that would even compare to the beastliness of this ride.

Millennium Force

We finished our day by taking on a number of other rides, having that sandwich we never got before, and enjoying the time together. The scariest ride for me then, and I hold to it now, is still the Ferris Wheel. There's just something about sitting in a stupid little car that your friends think is funny to rock back and forth, praying you don't break off and fall to your death.

Our last ride of the day was the record breaking Top Thrill Dragster. This ride is INSANE! It goes VERY fast and VERY high into the air. The whole ride took about thirty seconds, but it was the fastest and longest thirty seconds I have ever had in my life. What a scare! When it was constructed, it was the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster. My brother told me that some Six Flags park went in after Top Thrill and constructed one just like it that was one mile longer and one foot higher in order to hold the record. I couldn't even imagine.

The only thing I see lacking at Cedar Point is the failure to establish a consistent theme throughout the park and throughout each individual ride, the lack of something to do other than kiddy-rides or thrill-rides, and the lack of entertainment events or shows. However, I love the experience of Cedar Point. Like I said, I think it's the best "thrill-seeking" park I have ever been to.

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