10 reasons I obsess over the Kardashians

10. They are the most famous family who is famous for being famous. 

The Kardashian family has a number of reasons why they became an interesting idea for a show. First of all, Robert Kardashian, their deceased father, was the defense attorney on the O.J. Simpson trial, and made a name for himself through that very public ordeal and the music label he used to run. Kris Kardashian, the mother of the clan and manager of Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim remarried to Bruce Jenner. Bruce is the Olympian medalist who currently spends his days golfing, playing with remote controlled airplanes, and giving motivational speeches around the country. Kim, who initially was famous due to her friendship with Paris Hilton, stylist work, and sex tape with Ray-J, has since become a model, actress, and all around socialite on the scene of Los Angeles, and most recently New York City. Kourtney is simply famous for being Kim's older sister, and holding down the fort at the DASH stores across the nation. Khloe was once the hard-working middle child, but now has grown into her own modeling and promotional career along with her sisters. There is also Rob, who really does nothing but live off his sisters, Kendall, the young and aspiring model, and Kylie, the youngest of all. The family's fame has definitely grown since the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians started and only continues to develop. Reason I hate them: they just keep getting more famous.

9. They are always dressed like they know they're being filmed

Which is probably due to the fact that they are always being filmed, but hey! They look like they're getting ready to go to a movie premier with every lunch date or shopping trip they do. Even when they're working out with a trainer, they look like they are party ready in their cute matching work-out clothing. T-shirts and gym shorts? You would never see them in that shit! Imagine working out in the gym next to one of the sisters. Not only would you look ridiculously fat and poorly dressed, but you would look hideous next to their perfectly spray-tanned bodies. Those betches!

8. They have a family who is legitimately crazy, and they embrace it

We all come from families who are a little out of the norm, who fight, and who have moments that are absolutely ridiculous. The only difference is that we are not being filmed 24/7 and we don't get our most embarassing, angry, or exciting moments shown to millions of Americans. This family definitely shows that although they're famous, they still have issues that plague the typical American family. However, the Kardashians have embraced their issues, and prove that although we can fight with one another, the bonding love of a family goes much deeper. Yuck, too sappy.

7. They get to do all the crazy cool shit we wish we got to do

Marrying pro-basketball players, traveling the nation to promote some shitty book/perfume/nail polish/whatever, "modeling" for freaking everyone, walking red carpets, meeting celebrities, and having all the money in the world to take the vacation or buy the dress of a lifetime; we hate you, Kardashian family. I can barely balance a job at vaqueros and working for my Dad with any kind of social life, let alone promotional tours and time to take care of myself. Like, what am I not doing? Blows.

6. They think it's exciting to get three million followers on twitter

We thought it was great to have one hundred people follow us, maybe fifty that we actually knew. How's that for a popularity fail?

5. Their nails always look so fucking nice

Doesn't anyone else notice this? God, this really pisses me off. I have NEVER seen so much as a chip on their freaking nails. Seriously, I get my nails done and in three hours theres something wrong with them. Those betches paint their nails black, and they don't get fucked up for weeks! Kardashian girls, teach me your ways!

4. Dark hair and tan ass skin

Fuck them.

3. They call everyone "dolls"

Ok, I'm twenty two, sitting in my sweat shirt and jeans, watching them on the couch with a bowl of raspberries and a diet coke. I don't feel like a doll, nor do I want to be a doll. I hate the fact that they call their friends, family, and fans that word. And yet, I'm sure if I ever met them and they called me "doll", I would die of excitement. Slap me, please, if that ever happens.

2. They're always on television

With a number of different shows on E! revolving around the Kardashian clan, how could you not want to stop and see what our favorite family is up to. The Kardashian family has Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, Kourtney and Khloe take New York and Khloe and Lamar. Am I forgetting something? Oh well. All of these shows seem to have a different focus point, yet all revolve around the family and what kind of issues come up within it.

1. I love to hate them

As much as I hate them, and am dying from jealousy, I will religiously watch those betches until I die, or they go off air. I HATE IT! Every stupid re-run, which is on everyday, has been played numerous times on my television, and I have actually been sitting there watching it.  Now I am off to go watch the latest episode somewhere. Later dolls!

...damn it!