I'm BACK!!!

This summer I am working up at OWU and am still bartending a couple nights a week at El Vaquero Restaurant.Thus, I might as well get back on the blog/online journal shin-dig. I have time, and the time I use doing this will deter me from using the time going shopping or out for drinks (well, maybe... it was a good thought at least).

So, what's going on in my life?

                                                  Friends Carolyn Shapiro and Rachel Cairns with me above 

Well, I just graduated college with three majors (I saved one Spanish class though so I could study abroad in Spain so that one is technically still on hold). Ever since graduation I have spent my time off laying around the house watching all of Khloe and Lamar and all the seasons of the Real Housewives. I am pretty sure I have the HBO and Showtime On Demand completely memorized. So far I have been really good so far at saving up my money, because frankly, I don't want to use any of it until I am in Spain and find things I absolutely can not live without.

Oh, this Spain thing... let me explain. On August 31st I leave for the adventure of a lifetime. For four months I will be parading around Salamanca, Spain, and all parts I can afford to go to in Spain and around Europe. I plan to visit everywhere IN Spain before I really go out and get around to countries, but I would like to have a couple weekends of new passport stamps! No worries -- I will have a blog while I am in Spain, which I promise to keep updated more than the blog I had for Mexico. I am learning some new tricks and will add some photos perhaps to jazz it up!

                                                    Jack Waas and Jourie Palumbo pictured with me above

I went on my first Chicago trip to drop off my application for my Spanish Visa. It was nice because I was able to work my trip in with Jack's birthday party, something that Jourie also joined us for. I stayed in Chicago from Sunday until Wednesday and had plenty of beer, good food, and genuine fun. I think I spent about 20 dollars just on the train pass and God knows how much on the rest of everything. Oh well. Next time I go out there I want to see everyone again and hopefully get a chance to meet up with some of the friends I was unable to see out there. I also plan to make my rounds to some of the suburbs and see parts I didn't get to see before.

I have been having fun around here with friends, but not too much fun, as I am usually working. Today, however, I began my day with a Costco run with Mom and then spent the rest of the time lounging around the pool with Brigette. We enjoyed a nice lo-cal barbecue and I later went on a walk with the family to CVS and back. It was nice to walk our trip rather than drive it. The MTV Movie Awards were on tonight, but I am not too worried about missing most of them because usually they are replayed on MTV for a million hours after the original airing.

I think that's good for the first update in a long time.

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