It all started with a recent Shakira obsession...

and soon enough I was LOCKED IN to attending as many Zumba classes in one week as I possibly can!

For those of you that don't know what Zumba is, you are really missing out! Zumba is a type of workout-dance class that blends Latin music and international "upbeat" music into one very exciting workout. The songs go from salsa to hip-hop to reggaeton, mixed in with some belly dancing skills and merengue footwork. In other words, this stuff is right down my alley!

I went to my first class this past Sunday. I went on the official Zumba website and found an instructor in my area (actually, there are about 40 instructors, all having class at different times). Because my Club only has one Zumba class per week that is offered, I decided to cough up some cash in order to get back into shape. Man, was I glad I did or what?! The first class kicked my butt! I left being more sore than I had been in a long time. I think it was due to the fact that my instructor is really great, but I think another part of it was due to the fact that I was actually working out hard without even realizing it. I mean honestly, if you like to dance at all, you will LOVE Zumba class.

So how does Shakira tie into this whole mess?

Well, let me explain. I was listening to Shakira's newest song, Rabiosa, and got into looking up what Shakira does in order to stay in shape. I have been on a health kick lately due to the new all-fresh stuff diet that I am on, and decided that whatever Shakira does, I should get into. Zumba was on the list of numerous dance activities she takes part in. She also does belly dancing, but I decided I would leave that for later on-- you know, once I get all the steps down perfectly.


I have been on a super huge Latin music kick lately, and have been especially obsessed with Shakira. Zumba has only been fueling my obsession, and has been creating a new obsession with the class itself. I went to class on Sunday, then Tuesday afternoon, and am going tonight and tomorrow night. Thus, it'll be about four classes a week, give or take depending on my weekly schedule. That means a lot more Latin music is about to be introduced into my life. Hopefully I start on more salsa and merengue. That music is so fast paced and upbeat-- everything you need for a great workout/good playlist.

Some songs I currently have on my itunes playlist include:

Enrique Iglesias-- No me digas que no
Don Omar-- Danza Kuduro
Shakira-- Loca
Enrique Iglesias-- Cuando me enamoro

...obviously Enrique tops the charts!

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